Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1600 Repeats and Time to Tighten the Belt (more)

The training part
It was cold (for here) this morning- right around 34F. Today's workout plan was for 10 miles with 3 x 1600 at 6:26.  Usually it takes me a while to warm up and sometimes I'll go 5 miles before doing intervals or tempo runs.

After 2.5 warm up, I turned around and started looking for the milepost. About a half a mile later I was there and beeped my watch for the first 1600.

Normally, the first is my slowest.  Today I kept that in mind and tried to put forth a bit more effort going out of the gate. I had a lot of recovery running time between intervals (would have liked a bit less, I wanted 800, but got more like 1200 or even 1600 one time) due to my pre-mapped routes and using the mileposts. This isn't rocket science (though sometimes I like to pretend it is) and sometimes we just have to adapt to our training scenarios. 

My splits were 6:05, 6:26 (opposite direction on same stretch, but on the money!) and 6:20.

Tightening the belt
Like so many others right now, my family is faced with some economic struggles. (I say this and realize we are doing so much better than 90% of the world (Praise God)...but it's harder than we are used to). My husband is in the middle of a huge work slowdown and has also had customers who were either slow to pay or just say they can't pay (yet).

One thing we both have agreed to do is to try to become more efficient and less wasteful of what we have- including groceries. Our goal is to spend less in this area, but still maintain healthy nutrition guidelines (and feed a marathon training mom!).

Jon asked me to write a dinner menu  calendar that we could use to make our shopping lists with. I was happy to oblige! When I did this in the past, I found it made meal prep easier, as I had the ingredients I needed on hand and I wasn't scratching my head for ideas at the last minute.

Have you ever used a meal calendar?

If so, what's your experience been with it?

What meals are winners at your house? I recycle a lot of meal ideas and my big problems is keeping things interesting and simple at the same time, while using food the kids will still eat.


  1. I am required by State regs to have a weekly menu posted. I use a 7 week rotating menu that I tweek some depending on the season. It really helps me keep more balanced meals. Since Jeff does the cooking and the shopping, it is a great help when I make the shopping list! We still remain flexible on it for our residents.

    If I were not in the midst of a business slow down and were rich, I would buy you a Garmin!

  2. WE THINK ALIKE!! I am so sorry times are tough. What a great idea to save some mula, I will be copying you!! Girl, you are SPEEDY!!! HOLY COW those are fast miles and in the cold?!?! Who are you? About the shoes I have racing flats but just use them for the actual race because you can only get 150-200 miles out of them....by taking out the heel my coach says you actually get more miles out of them just because it will be changing the way I run:) Hope you are having a great day and thank you for the sweet comments that you leave on my blog, you always make my day!

  3. I think a meal calendar is a great idea!! I'm sure it would eliminate buying things and wasting them because you forgot you bought them. Can you tell that happens to me?!?! The only thing I can think of as a negative would be what if you don't feel like eating pizza on January 10th, but would rather have a salad?? Know what I mean?


  4. i used to use menu calender, after a few weeks it was pretty much memorized and each grocery trip was the exact same thing. so the calendar menu is my head. it is a great idea though.

    soup, soup, soup! it seems to be our favorite thing these days. we make our own, and it really goes a long way - multiple nights. usually have bread and sliced fruit as a side. we also are into stuffed baked potato's (brocolli, tomato's and squash) and making our own pizza's. spaghetti is always a fav. along with burritos/taco's made with ground turkey. once a week sometimes twice roast chicken.

    hope things turn around for ya up there. Vegas has been hit hard!!! when it comes to the economy most our feeling the pain. sorry!!!

  5. It was a balmy 27* here, you must be in the "sun belt". It is going to warm up and rain soon, so it's all good. I can't take too many days of sunshine before I start to dry out.

    And you wonder why the first thing I think as I am lacing up my shoes is that you would kick my butt in a race. I'm hoping to catch up to Senior Runner someday.

  6. Maybe I SHOULD use a meal calendar. In my household of ONE, a big hit is mac & cheese, frozen pizza, french fries/tater tots, Morning Star products and whatever leftovers my mom sends home with me.

    I hate food. I'm bored of it. I should come up with a fancy calendar with YUMMY food on it!

    Yeah, I'm of absolutely NO help.

  7. You are so so so so fast! Nice job, that is awesome!!

    A couple years ago, we tracked every single penny we spent for a while. So I did the same thing, I planned out weekly menus and it helped save a ton of money. Then I knew exactly what I needed and didn't buy stupid stuff. Check out the link I posted today to the bourbon chicken. Kelly at fitting back in, has a lot of great recipes. One of my favorite cheap dinners is Chili. It last for a couple days too :)

  8. Nice workout! Super fast!

  9. These are some speedy times! You did so well on your 1600 m repeats! I did repeats today, but my paces were a good minute + slower!

    I am a big fan of your planning out the meals--I might try this. I was listening to the radio and those who go to the grocery store with a long, detailed list will spend 30% LESS than those who don't.

    Keep posting about your training SPEEDY!

  10. Nice repeats! 6:05-WOW! I have those on the docket for tomorrow but I think I'm going to be forced to the treadmill. The windchill is just NASTY this week.

    We have used a meal calendar around here. Our lives are just crazy through the winter. All 3 kids have practice or games at different times every night and we have to be prepared if we want them to eat decent food. In October my kids and I had a cookfest one Saturday and made about 30 freezer meals to help get by. I think the hardest part of cooking for a family is trying to figure out what to make. If I cook or shop only based on cravings I end up throwing away way too much food because we don't make use of what we have. Babble babble-point being I like the idea of the meal calendar!

    I love reading about your training:)

  11. Wow, great splits! You're so speedy! Hey, what shoe do you wear? You look like you have pretty good form from your pics. What can i do to help me with my form? It sucks. I think there are lots of things I can do to help me run more efficiently...I have so much to learn! before I just ran and did what comes natural but now that I'm getting older and so scared of injury again, I want to make sure I'm doing the little things.

    I sooo need to make a menu. I find myself in the same place every day around 4...standing in the kitchen wondering what boring meal I'll make. ugggh. I should just copy yours but you eat way more meat than we do but I think I might copy it anyway. :)

  12. just be glad you're not marathon training with three TEENAGE sons and trying to save the grocery bill!

    Menus? Pasta and vary the sauces? Get a garden established in Feb/Mar for spring greens? 3 Bean salads? Winter Squash - baked, soups, etc? Just some ideas.

  13. oh yeah...AND... you are so fast!!!! we'll have to meet up at the expo in boston or something because i'm pretty sure that i will be chasing you all the way to the finish line :)

  14. i have tried a meal plan menu thing multiple times. but then our lives are so unpredictable...it never lasts for very long. we both have the intention to, but with me working full time and mr. dawn in school...it just doesn't really happen.

  15. our life is so unpredictable too. I like to stock up though and keep things simple 4 days out of the week and then one iron rich meal another day. As soon as my hubs starte IM training again, we need more food. EEK! I like your meal plan, it looks great for you and your family.
    As for the miles, dang, great job! It takes me at least 4 miles to warm up.

  16. I think making a menu plan for the week is a great idea and I've done that. Using the store ads to plan meals helps. And you know I like chili!

    I'm glad you included the info about the run in the 1st paragraph. Yeah, using the course you have and changing the rest times a little - I don't think it's a big deal. Great workout!

  17. I have used a menu plan for years -- long long before I was "running". It works like a champ. I would have to hijack your post to post the meals that are winners in my book. The key to it all is variety.

    ERG - One of my favorite (coach Jill) workouts is 1600 repeats! Good times you are earning.

  18. Thanks for the helpful comment...one of the things that this brain training is helping with or trying to is form and it talks about an exercise called walking on water...I think this is kind of similar to what you were talking about in keeping your feet on the ground for less time...hmmm, so tell me when I'm figuring out my cadence, do I try to go a certain pace or does it matter?? I"m confused on that what pace I should be running when I'm doing a cadence measure. and so I'm just counting my right foot touching and then doubling it? Thanks again. I"m learning a ton from your blog.

  19. Sweet job on the repeats, that is awesome! Mile repeats are my favy :).

    I have thought about a menu plan for ages becuase by the time I go to work and the gym, it is late and I am scrambling. I'm going to try to do beter about this, thanks for the idea!! :)

    And sorry about the non-paying jobs for your hubby. Been there soooo many times(a guy in Honduras, as one example, owes us a boatload of money we'll never see). Hang in there!

  20. We have started to budget our groceries more tightly as well and I actually started a blog about it at momof5learnsfrugal.blogspot.com It is a challenge, but its also fun =)

  21. Don't forget the boys have been introduced to sardines and they love them. Cheep and a good source of omaga 3.

  22. No official calendar...but I should have one! We basically buy food for two big meals when we go grocery shopping. We make the first meal, eat it the night it's made, then eat its leftovers for the next couple days; then make the second meal and eat its leftovers until they are gone.


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