Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tempo report

Today's tempo didn't exactly go as planned. I was supposed to run 12 miles with 4 tempo. The tempo paces gradually get faster in my plan and the goal pace was 6:53 today.

One thing I relearned today is that tempo is hard to do uphill. I wanted to be very warmed up and put the tempo portion at the end of my 12 miles. It is a challenge to find the right stretch here that will measure a "perfect" distance without either going over hills or pre-mapping with a program (a Garmin would fix this).

I was just plain lazy by not doing my homework and pre-mapping. So I went for the hills and the easy to find mile markers. After my 7 mile warm up, I headed toward home and started the tempo. And up Smartt's hill. Smartt's hill is only about 1/2 mile of 4% grade, but it kicks my butt and drops most anyone's pace in nothing flat. I remembered rule # 112 from Noakes Lore of Running, The effort required to run a certain pace uphill cannot be made up for in an equivalent downhill...or something like that. It's in a nice graph.

In a nutshell, I missed my target of 27:32 by about 40 seconds. The uphill was a good effort and I am satisfied that I put in my best. Next tempo will be flat and pre-mapped- unless I decide to see if I can do today's stretch faster.


  1. So- you finished your tempo uphill with a 7:03 average. What a failure-ha! Ummm-not so much! I never did my tempo that fast (6:53) even at the END of my Boston training for 3:18. Perhaps that is why my prediction is significantly FASTER for you!!! You are a hard head and have just a great work ethic! I don't know how you do it with those little kids and all those miles! VERY admirable and quite an inspiration! Have a fantastic New Year!!

  2. You are my hero!!

    I'm glad that you are satisfied with your OUTSTANDING run!! You are truly preparing for Boston at the highest level of effort!!

  3. i'm so far behind after being gone for two weeks...but i'm working on catching up on everything. i say that 40 seconds is still a WIN, at least in my book :). sounds like you're building a pretty solid case for a garmin too! good work on your run!!!

  4. Its nice to have flat, measured, timed courses to gauge progress, but a strong intensity should work well too.

    In an ideal world we would run a good tempo workout on a flat, measured, timed course and also record our heartbeats so when we go do a tempo on less than perfect terrain we can run it by effort not the terrain. But I'm far from ideal :)

  5. You crack me up. You get up and get in your runs, and the rest of us just marvel at your speed, and you down-play it. So, when are you going to try out for the US team?

  6. You are amazing! Always inspired when I read your blog. Speaking of...I'm way behind. Thanks for all the great comments on my posts. I think your dreams sound fantastic. You'd make a great coach!!! And I say you will probably do your 30 min marathon PR at Boston. :) You rock like that. I don't even know your marathon it on your blog? Must go check it out. :)


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