Thursday, December 30, 2010


Watch out! You might be next!!!

Anna and Danny were both kind enough to tag me in their blog posts recently. Because I fell for the bait and read their posts (which really was pretty fun to do!) I am now required to answer the same questions and pass them on to some other folks. (If I don't, I have been told that my shoes will be taken away and so will my watch.)

Since I don't run barefoot and can't read the monitor on my TM, I better answer the darn tags. :)  

Enjoy. I will try to be truthful. And I'll try not to sound like a real Nabob in answering these:

1. Most fond running accomplishment of 2010?  This is a chance to brag about me.. ? eek :/
I am not sure it this is supposed to be a single moment or a culmination of events thing, but I'll go with both.
Finishing the Eugene Marathon was the best feeling moment.
  • Just to be done running.
  • Just to finish a marathon.
  • Just to see all of my family there: Jon. Mom & Dad. My sister. My kids. Friends from church. My former high school students. 
  • Just to cross the line without falling apart.
  • Just to make it through my first training program (and only scheduled program I have done to date, until this current one) without the wheels coming off. Without divorce or murder in our home (little joke there).
  • Just to BQ on the first try (I didn't think I really could until my taper and the accompanying vomiting sickness left our house.
But it also could be:
Getting a PR in every distance I did this year, except one. [The mile tied  (oops I lied! It was 3 seconds slower than) my high school soccer timed test ran in cleats around the goal posts]. Did I mention yet that this has been a fantastic running year for me?  I also somehow managed to beat the McMillan Running Calculator's predictions in 4 of the 6 races I did.

2. What are 2011 running goals?
Sheesh. This is hard.
  • I'd like, firstly, to run without injuring myself. Getting injured sucks.
  • I would also hope to balance running with real life a bit better...
  • But also run a sub 20 5K and closer to 40 in the 10K...Heck I want to PR in all the distances I raced this year! Is that asking too much?
3. Favorite race
I really enjoy most races... The EWEB race was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed meeting bloggy friends, Kim, Rhonda & Laurie ..But I also loved meeting JGF in real life before the Eugene Marathon. So much was put into that race that it has to be a tie.

4. Favorite holiday guilty pleasure.
Staying up late...but that's my guilty pleasure all year long.
So...gaining some weight since November by eating anything and everything (especially chocolate) so I could have some weight to burn during the next 4 months. I am storing up.

5. Most embarrassing running moment
This is a toss-up. It would have to be either showing up late (a minute before start) to the South Coast Half marathon and having to hide behind a blackberry bush to go to the bathroom before the race (while the RD talked to the 20 other racers about the course and the race's history). Everyone could hear me...

(blackberry bush is to the left, behind the yellow shirted man)
Or it could be running into a garbage can and another person during the EWEB Run to Stay Warm half-marathon.
Or it could be when I wore my running skirt backwards...but that was just a workout and I am pretty sure nobody saw it =D

Either way, the world didn't end and I learned something :)

And now I am tagging:
Meghan at  Laugh Run Play
Julie at Adventure is Out There
Abby at FitToRunForFun...(At the moment)

Please forgive me if you've already been tagged and I missed it! I can't wait to read yours :)


  1. weight to burn. storing up. These phrases could come in handy. Thank you.

  2. I just use, "carbo loading as I open another beer. Heh heh.

    Good post. I forgot about you using the garbage can as a tackling dummy.

  3. Once I got used to peeing in my wetsuit, every other gross embarrassing thing just got easier. I think triathletes are even grosser than runners :-)

    I like your goals for 2011.

    Thanks for tagging me :-)
    I'll post the answers later today...ya...'cause we've got no life and I don't think we'll be partying it up tonight. I "think" the kids will be at their grandparents so we'll see if the old man and I can stay up late and hit a movie...or maybe (gasp) go play pool somewhere. Now, that would be very young of us to stay up past 10pm :-)

  4. First of all, thanks for tagging me!! It's my first tag :)

    Secondly, you deserve to take a minute to brag about yourself!! What an amazing running year! Your family must be SO proud of you, I'm sure your kids are your biggest cheerleaders and what a great example you set for them!

  5. Great post! To BQ on your first try--just plain wow! So glad we got to meet up, I hope we can do it again in 2011.

  6. Your embarrassing moments are hysterical! I still don't get how you could crash into a garbage can and human ... and still have such a freaking fast time at EWEB! But the blackberry bush has to take the cake on that one.

    I feel so cool - not only did I get a shout out in this post, but I met a REAL BQ'er in person. Woohoo for me!

  7. Nice post! Love all your answers! The blackberry bush story is great! A wonderful 2011 to you!

  8. could take some of my excess weight to store up, if you'd like!! I'm happy to share! :)

    Loved your embarrassing moments...I'm sure the guy in the yellow shirt has fond memories :). Haha.

    I hope 2011 brings you nothing but many healthy, injury-free miles to Boston and beyond. I can't wait to follow your journey to Beantown! Happy New Year!

  9. Hope nobody came by after you to pick those yellow blackberries! HA!


  10. Oh my!!! Just loved the pic of the bush.. Hahaha! That must have been a "interesting". =D

    May you reach all your goals and find joy in the experience.

  11. Been sick for most of christmas vacation... "carb loading" and sleeping a lot have been a bad combination. I have a solid 5 pounds of fun ahead of me. Good stuff.

    Thanks for commenting today - in answer to the qu, my skirt is from Love them. I wear the running skirt style, not the athl. skirt style.

  12. Laughing at the fact you tried to hide that last post! I will seek you out and I will find you-ha!

    This is quite a qood one! You accomplished A LOT in 2010. Your goals-so similar to mine minus the 40 minute 10K in which I would need inline skates to get!

    Love the embarassing moments! Blackberry bush-hey! None of those but my DNA can be found in many a cornfield!

    Have a great Day!

  13. Hi,
    Just saw your comment on Momof3's blog and thought I'd let you know that the Cheetah running skirts are currently on sale for $20.11 at Hopefully they have your size. :)
    And congrats on an amazing year and your BQ!
    Happy New Year!


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