Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's gonna be a post-partum PARTY in Boston!

It looks like Kara Goucher has decided to race at Boston! Holy moly...that's pushing the post-baby fitness envelope, but if anyone can do it, she can!

An excerpt from the article:

Goucher, 32, who lives in Portland, Ore., will be running Boston for the second time, and will be running her first marathon since giving birth to her first child, son Colt, last September. She will make her return to racing on January 16 at the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon. In Boston in 2009, Goucher was still in the hunt for victory with just 800m to go, but faded in the final sprint against Kenyan Salina Kosgei and Ethiopian Dire Tune. She finished third in 2:32:25, just nine seconds behind the champion, Kosgei.

“I’m excited to be invited back on the John Hancock elite team,” said Goucher who holds the USA marathon debut record of 2:25:53 set at the 2008 ING New York City Marathon. ”The 2009 Boston Marathon stands as the highlight of my career. I wished that I could have won, but I did the best I could and Boston embraced me for that.”
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I am in awe of how quickly some women can rebound as elites.

This is going to be some interesting training to follow. As a mom who delivered a baby in late June and ran a marathon in the following early May, I can say that I think she can do it and do it well. But will she be in top shape? It's hard to tell right now. Who knows how much fitness she has maintained/regained? Regardless, I am EXCITED to know she's going to be there.

And what kind of year could this end up being at Boston? Could two Americans win?


  1. I can't stop looking at those women in those teeny weeny outfits. Maybe that should be my goal! Before I die, just once I can feel confident to run in something like that??
    Ha! No, who the hell am I kidding??

    I bet the two of you will end up total besties after you cross the finish line at the same time! ;)

  2. wow, I cant believe that! I am sure she will do fine, but like you said, will she do GREAT? Only time will tell...
    I cant wait to read your earlier posts and listen to your playlist music! always looking for new songs!

  3. Honestly, I'm way more interested in reading your Boston race report.

  4. I love Kara. I'm excited to see what she can do but even more to cheer you on.

  5. HI!
    I thought my email address was already on my blog but it must have been taken off when I switched designs. Silly me!
    I just put it back on the top. Email me and I'll forward the calendar to you!

  6. I can't even imagine running a sub 2:30 in the marathon! What a gift! Not to long ago there was a Runner's World magazine out that was all about the elite women that run and compete so soon after giving birth. It showed what they do while prego too and I was just in AWE! Thanks for posting this food for thought.

  7. AHHH!!! I am so excited. Thanks for the update. Girl, we are going to have to find her and get pictures with her. How in the world is she back so quickly!! What if two Americans won the year we were there...I love it, I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

  8. Fruitfly- your comments always crack me up! That would not even happen if she was pushing a stroller.

    Anna- Hope you like the tunes :)

    Kim- you are too kind to me. Hopefully I won't hit anything in the route in that race.

    Meg- I got resourceful, hopefully it was the right one!

    Amanda- I read that too and it is awe-inspiring...The secret is all in the pregnancy and maintaining fitness with special machines if necessary. But they are paid to do it! It was definitely and interesting article.

    All: I certainly don't think less of any woman who doesn't bounce right into a marathon after having a baby. I could do a whole blog post or 5 on that subject.

    Stacie: thank you =D Glad you found me here!

    Janae: I think Fruitfly's comment was more towards you! Ha!

  9. Another reason to remain glued to the television that day! I am so excited that she will be running! And that you get to run with her!

  10. That is awesome. I always wonder about the ability of elites to get back to top form after child birth or injury or other set backs. I think, like you say, the key is what they do in their "downtime". Women can do much more than men here. They are just so strong!

  11. How exciting! Just that picture of her gets me pumped up. Who knows she might do even better! Having a baby can make you mentally tougher and more of a reason to dig deep! I'm excited about continuing to follow your journey, this stuff is so cool!

  12. There's going to be a race on Boston? Wow. just kidding.

    I have money that she rides in your jet stream all the way to the finish!!!

  13. are you serious?!!? She gave birth like 5 seconds ago. DANG! I bet she does awesome.

  14. Totally agree with C2, I just hope you remember us when you get invited to try out for the US team.

  15. i saw that too!!! i may have squealed with glee :) it is going to be such a HUGE race...and i can't believe that i get to be there!

    so...i have officially NOT started training. infact... i'm pretty much in "survive this week" mode. i haven't run since friday :( did you decide what plan you're going to pick? i'm in the process of forgiving myself for missing so many days...its not going to be easy. i'm sure i'll feel better once i can adjust a few things and feel back on top...

  16. Hey you, tell me more about this training plan of yours? From your comment, you got me curious about what you're thinking so far. Conflicting philosophies?

    Thanks for your comment about Newport...you made me really want to do it. :)

  17. This post got me excited again and it gave me the goosebumps!!
    Yes, it is a Foreman and I use it like three times a week...totally worth it, I guarantee it:)

  18. When I ran Boston last year, I thought it was kinda cool that she was on the same course as me. Of course, she was practically done when I started, and showered and eaten and did mega press interviews when I finished, but it was still pretty omnious, in a sense, to be out there with her. Maybe you'll feel it, too!


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