Monday, December 20, 2010

Hypothermic LR & TM conversion chart

Rockefeller? No. It's Elkton's city Christmas tree in the center of town!

Hypothermic rain
Saturday's long run wasn't terribly long, but is was LONG ENOUGH to learn a few good lessons. I'm glad it wasn't any longer than the 15 I had scheduled.

When I started out, it was still dark and there was light rain. Rain is sometimes refreshing and usually doesn't bother me. It rains a lot here from Oct- May. Usually, though, I can still leave my shell at home and even remove the long sleeves. Most of the time the rain lets up within 2 miles of home.

Saturday was different. I guess I should have taken a hint by the flashing sky way off in the distance towards Scottsburg. It was still dark. I have been wearing glasses for running lately (had to order new contacts after the sinus infection. Oh joy!) and at first I thought it was just reflections in them, not the lightening that it was. By the time I got to the mailbox, I knew it was really a storm coming from the pacific and I hoped that it was almost over.

About 8 minutes later the rain had all but stopped. It was 34F, but I was warming up, so I took off my long sleeve shirt and tied it to my waist. I had on tights and felt comfortable. The lightening was still going and I prayed that it would remain on the horizon.

As I got into town, I even had time to snap a few pictures with my camera, which I wore inside of a plastic baggie in my snazzy binocular fanny pack.

Could it be that Santa lives in Elkton? No.....all we have are rain-deer.
HAHAHA. I crack myself up! Deer with glowing eyes.

I had no way of knowing that in a few minutes the wind would come, the lightning would comewithin a mile away and that there would be pouring rain mixed with ice in it.

Near my turnaround I seriously wondered about whether I should stay near the tall trees to avoid a lightening strike on the highway, or get away from the trees because they might attract it.  As I crossed the bridge, the wind gusted & pierced (we NEVER have any real wind) and my shoes were filled with water. I had 5.5 miles left.

A mile later a neighbor in her pickup asked if I wanted a ride (thanks Becky!). I said no, but I wondered if I had made a bad decision as she pulled away. In 2.5 years, (and even some 8F runs), this was the coldest I have ever been while running. I had no dry shirt to put on, as my long sleeve top was as soaked as the rest of me and I had left my shell at home.

I had to have Jon help me take my clothes off (he was happy to help!) so I could shower. I skipped the ice bath and took a warm/hot shower as my hands and arms and torso burned during the thawing process.

Since then I did a little hypothermia running research (even though I am sure I was nowhere near that point) and sure enough, a few racers have actually died from it. It can be a real problem with marathon distances, because of the duration of the race and the slower pace (compared with a 5K or 10K). One of the runners who suffered from it had a body temp of 95F (compared with 98.6 normal). Precipitation is a KEY contributing factor in hypothermia.

Two things I might start doing: I think it would be wise to have a dry shirt stashed in a bag somewhere and to always bring my shell and put it in the mailbox for afterwards if it is raining.

Has anyone else ever had a similar situation? What did you do?

Treadmill conversion chart

After I posted Ryan Hall's Boston hill workout, I had a few questions about TM inclines. I still don't have the answers, but my grandpa who reads my blog and is a retired engineer sent this chart to me, which I thought might be useful to one of you readers: (thanks Grandpa!! I love you!

Slope     Angle

%        Degree

1         .75

2         1.15

3         1.71

4         2.29

5         2.86

6         3.93

7         4.00

8         4.57

9         5.14

10       5.17
I am very non-mechanical. But I think that there is a construction instrument, or a giant protractor you could use, to figure out your TM's degree relative to the floor, and then check its corresponding road grade if you are training for a specific grade, like 6%.  
My TM doesn't have an indicator for what grade or degree it is inclining. I just press up and down! Ha! I could really use the engineer to come to my house and play with my TM...Grandpa? :)
Blogging help ?

Is there anyone who could help me post something from the excel program to my blog? I'd like to do it so it's readable as a chart.  I am working on a new training plan and would like to post it when it's done! :)


  1. Elkton is gorgeous! I love your Rain-deer comment! ha ha!! How far are you from eugene or Portland? I am considering the Euguene marathon in May....

    I am learning so much from your blog!!

  2. You never fail to make me laugh. I just wear my shell and take it off if I get too hot. I keep the outside out, so that even tied to my waist it will be dry on the inside if I need it back on. Today I was a bit warmer than I would have liked, but it was raining pretty good at times so I was glad for the layers.

  3. I wear a vest and love it! Keeps my core warm, but I don't tend to over heat. I did have to call my husband to pick me up once. The temp dropped and the rain was going sideways. I couldn't hardly bend my knees and my teeth chattered for hours afterwards. I was so disappointed that my planned 16 became 12.

    Teehee, rain-deer, hehehehe!

  4. OH, RAIN-Deer, not Reindeer--I didn't see that at first...I was laughing at this: "...It rains a lot here from Oct- May...." Oct-May, THAT'S funny!

  5. Brrrr. Yikes, you're hardcore...I think I might have said yes to the ride. I'm sure your husband didn't mind helping you out though...probably the highlight of his day. :) Take care of yourself! Are you doing Hood to Coast this year then?

  6. You just made me REALLY cold as I sit her stewing in my gym a really cold house.

    Glad husband was able to help get you into the shower and fast!
    I think an ice bath at that point would have done you NO good!

    Keep warm!!!

  7. You do know that part of your problem is that you have 0% body fat?

  8. I'm with Nattybumpo for the shell.

    Your grandpas table is pretty cool, but all he did was use a little trigonometry (remember high school geometry?). You don't need a protractor for your treadmill. Find the slope of your treadmill as a fraction=rise/run and take the tan-1 of that fraction on your calculator - theres your angle. But I bet the treadmill's settings are calibrated for degrees.

    and for the excel, it ain't easy. if you want a nice neat visual for your blog it needs to be of either jpg, gif, png format. The question is how to get it there. The easiest may just be take a screen shot (keyboard: 'PrtSc') of your monitor, paste in some image program and save it as a jpg or png. but there are other ways...

  9. Great info!! and beautiful pics. Glad you made it home safe!

  10. Great run in tough conditions! Our winters are dry so I don't get cold and wet at the same time often. I love that Christmas tree in the center of town! I think Elkton is a place I would enjoy visiting.

  11. Ah yes!! Hardcore! LOVE it!

    Cold rain!!!! I can't say I've really experienced too much of that. Rain yes, cold yes but not usually mixed. I know that feeling of having to have someone help with the shoes and clothes and thawing out in the shower!! I'm sure your hubby was only too willing to help:) One way street around here....Joe has no problem helping me, I have zero interest in removing his cold sweaty wet clothes-ha!

    Can't wait to see your plan. I am computer illiterate as far as figuring out how to post stuff....

    Hope your Christmas week is going well!!

  12. I have so much fun reading your posts because I actually know the places you are talking about!

    I am in the process of thawing out while reading this actually. Silly me, I can't stop wearing mini skirts even though it is in the 30's!

    Do you guys ever go to Arlene's? I remember loving that place as a kid. We'd stop there on our way to Tenmile Lake where we had a cabin. I hear Elkton, I think Arlene's!

  13. Oooo that is interesting on the incline, I do lots of incline training at 12% and I never really question the equivalent road grade. I do calculate the pace effort though, like 7.0 at 12% is equal to approx a 5:48-ish mile effort (I think, I didn't look it up just know, going from memory) You can google search these calculators (and I have a link on one of my incline posts)

    They also have charts with the pace equivalent, but all the ones I've seen only go up to 10%.

  14. Hahahaha! Rain-deer. =D

    Haha, that's funny that Jon was happy to help. =D

    Poor you getting so cold on your run - and how stinkin' BA that you pushed on through it and turned down a ride.

    Yeah, I had a sortofsimilar situation. I turned around slightly earlier than I'd planned. Though it wasn't half as BA as your run though. I wasn't freezing to death. The lightning and thunder directly overhead was kind of scary though.

    Thanks ERG's Grandpa! =)

    Sorry I'm not much use on the excel thingie.


  15. Hahah, I love the Rain-deer :). We don't even have that here, nor snow-deer - a very brown Christmas here in Denver.

    I know nothing about getting an excel spreadsheet to a blog, sorry, but I bet Google has some ideas, perhaps.

    I hope you and your gorgeous boys (the adult one, too :) ) have a very VERY Merry Christmas and may 2011 bring you tons of happy, healthy Boston training miles!! :)

  16. that is so scary! I hope you don't get stuck in that weather again. I would have died! I get cold on 45F! eeek! But I must say, you impress me. :)

  17. Girl!!! You are in the world did you run in that weather?!?! BE CAREFUL!!! Awesome TM conversion.....I made Billy read it and explain it to me, ha awesome!!! Thanks ERG Grandpa!

  18. Merry Christmas!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!


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