Saturday, December 25, 2010

'Twas the BLUR before Christmas...

Merry Christmas!
This week has been NUTS. But then, I am always trying to cram too much into too little time.

Lets start with 2 days of alarm clock malfunction. Am I the only person who sets the coffee pot and forgets to turn on an alarm? This led to some late starts for running...

Monday, Levi woke up when I did. I thought I only had a 5 mile run (it was supposed to be 8) so I did something I have never done with this little kiddo. I put him in a stroller and took him with me.

Once upon a time I tried to run with kids in a stroller. That workout is for a different kind of woman, a mom who can balance it all (crying, diapers, snacks, etc...) better than I do. But for the first time in over 3 years years, I decided to take a little guy with me (partly so that hubby could keep sleeping and I could "remember" the old days:

When Matthew was 8 weeks old (he's 3 and a half now), my sister in law gave me her stroller (kids had outgrown it). It was/ is a  fabulous machine.

I ran for about 2 weeks and then signed up for the local 5K.  The baby and the 2 year-old (just turned 6) rode in the Chariot for the race. I couldn't tell you my finish time, but it was a FABULOUS race. Any race after just having a baby 10 weeks ago is fabulous. Finish time is irrelevant.

Monday's run with Levi (18 months) went faster than I expected, considering the stroller. I stopped a few times to adjust the rainfly, and he fussed a few times - never going back to sleep. By the end of the run he figured out the view was better out of the side window (less condensation). Jon was happy to get a few extra winks.
To be honest with much has happened this week, I am starting to forget how it all went!
Wednesday, the 22nd...
My oldest baby turned 6. SIX? I cannot believe it! I remember vividly when my first baby was born, the rush to the hospital, 4 quick hours of labor, only to deliver a 7 pound (runt of the litter) wrinkled, little boy. The best Christmas present I have ever had! 

For his birthday this year, we had his first kid birthday party and took some friends to SPLASH! at the nearest wave pool. Probably the BEST day of his life. One I am blessed to have captured in photos:

 The crew, minus Jon & moms with babies in the "warm" pool.

 Jon and Levi

 Jon and Levi


 Me, Levi..Matthew, Coby

 Me & Matthew, Levi saying "hi" to a cute girl...

 Natty Bug
 Emma, Nathan, Zeke
 Birthday Boy

And then we were off to EAT. I really wanted to get a giant pretzel at the wave pool, but Jon made me wait. I was hungry enough to buy one for every kid there!!

(the whining part- skip if you hate whining...)
I am not sure if it was the swimming with postponed refueling afterwards, but my giddy-up had no pick-up for Thursday's 14 miles. Legs felt dead.

The next day Levi came down with a cold :( and I feel like a small rodent crawled into my bronchioles and made a nest there.  What is with holidays and sicknesses? This is a deja-vu of Thanksgiving!
(whining over...)

Christmas came and we had a lovely, low-key morning. There were a few gifts for the kids and even a couple for Jon and I. My dad came for Christmas and we enjoyed his company, and my  in-laws'  for dinner today (my mom is out of state right now). The turkey was passable and the oven handle stayed on the whole time!

We didn't make it to the Christmas Eve service (see above :(  ) But I am glad for today- another anniversary to celebrate the day God sent his most precious gift to us. It was nothing fancy. A baby born to save the world. His son, born in a stable; the best place his parents could find in their circumstances. God is surprising that way. He loves to astonish me with his simplicity.

Have a merry, simple, Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas!! Your oven sounds like mine...'cept mine doesn't work AT. ALL.

    "Nothing fancy. A baby born to save the world. His son, born in a stable; the best place his parents could find in their circumstances. God is surprising that way. He loves to astonish me with his simplicity."

    Thank you so much for these Christmas thoughts tonight before I head to bed.

  2. Merry Christmas young lady! I hope to meet you in 11, but that is up to far greater plans than mine.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too! Thank you for the reminder of what Christmas is really about. Your Christmas sounds lovely.

  4. Levi saying 'hi' to cute girls will soon be more than just cute!

    Merry Post-Christmas Recovery!

  5. Merry day after Christmas to you and your family. What fun pictures!

  6. Wow, you HAVE been busy!

    We were blessed with a simple Christmas too! We were around a lot of family, but it was very laid back and relaxing.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  7. Hope you are all feeling better around there! I just cannot imagine pushing one of those jogging strollers. I wasn't into running when my kids were small enough to fit in one!

    Looks like a Great party! My son is 7 and he had his first birthday party at a waterpark this year too! Great pics! I bet he just had a blast!

    Your Thursday was my Wednesday. My legs would not go...

    Glad you had a nice Christmas! God is surprising in so many ways-thanks for the reminder!

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! It sounds like you had a good week, despite a few mishaps ;)

  9. You are busy, busy, busy! Splash looks like it was a lot of fun!


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