Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Now. Isn't that precious?!  Notice the chocolate between the eyes, boogers in the nose, and chicken hanging out of the mouth?

The kid just likes to suck his food lately. Gets a piece of something good and presses it to the roof of his little mouth. Hours later, it's still there. He's not eating much with his canines coming in, but he's savoring the flavor! I pulled the car over for this shot. Moments later I tried to take the chicken out, but he clamped down on my finger and I had to release it. He spit out the fragments when we got home. =D

I believe I found the PERFECT Christmas tree! I can't wait to see the look on Jon's face. What do you think?

Don't call the fashion police on me! It's a good day if I manage to wear anything besides old running shoes when I leave the house. Besides, in Elkton no one gives a skunk's tail what you wear. But this was Cottage Grove. I had to dress up.

Well, it seems I will have some more company in Boston! Looks like Ryan Hall made it past the computer snafu and registered for the race. (Read about it here) Woo-hoo! Looking forward to running with meeting him (in a long line at the expo).

Still trying to decide which route to take as far as training goes. Should I use a trusted plan many have done before (Pete Pfitzinger 18/70)? Or, should I use a slightly more personal approach that gives specific workouts (SmartCoach) . (I do like that I can completely revise it mid-training if needed.) Or...will I be brave and make my own plan - one that will work well for my lifestyle and specific talents/obstacles? I have a little more time to sit on the fence with this.

I did play with SmartCoach tonight, (just a little) to see what types of numbers it would spew out to me for work out paces. Interesting.....very interesting, indeed. I like it better than the McMillan calculator, and McMillan and I are good friends. :)


  1. Did he spit out fragments of your finger or chicken?

    Well .... what were the numbers smart coach spewed? Do tell.

  2. That picture is hilarious ~ Love the chicken bits!

    Glad you got the video to upload to youtube. They do tend to take awhile, so I get my videos loading and usually HOURS later (if it's long) I start my blog post. I don't know why it's such a pain.

  3. i am so excited about ryan hall!!! i will wait in that line with you for as long as it takes :) i always wonder how the elites are able to go through all the draining of the expo and the appearances and still perform so well come race time.

    so, what are your goals for boston? are you going to run hard and shoot for a PR? i keep going back and forth between wanting to run it strong and "re-qualify" or keep it low key and just soak in the sights....grrrr, i hate decisions...

  4. Oh my gosh I love that picture. I always fall asleep with chocolate on my face too! We are going to have to find Ryan while we are Boston!! Thanks for making me feel better about my phone ha! About my knee: my brother is an e.r. doctor, not a sports therapist or anything says it is minor runners knee, so the soft cartilage under my knee cap but honestly it is like pretty much gone wahoo!! Have a great Thursday and I loved the picture!

  5. I like Smart Coach, but haven't tried anything else. Then again, I don't run marathons, so I guess you are on your own:)

  6. That picture made my morning! Actually, both of them, that pink tree is pretty awesome, too. :-)
    I'm a fan of SmartCoach, but I always tweak it to fit my schedule.

  7. What ever you choose to do for your training, it will work, and you will be faster than you think you ever could be, because that is how you are.

  8. Umm, with your rockin' runner's bod, you can make anything look fashionable!!!!!!!

  9. How precious!! I think your outfit is cute ! ;) Good luck in Boston, your soo lucky you get to meet Ryan Hall!

  10. Allieksmith- I don't really know if I get to meet Mr. Hall- but if there's a chance- I am ON it!

    Jess- That is very very kind of you. You get 1600 points today. :)

    NattyBumpo- Thanks to you too! You certainly have more confidence in me than I do- but I am starting to get it. I know there is a cap to improvement and I hope I haven't hit it yet. You also are awarded 1600 points today. tally your own points. :)

    P- with 4 boys/men in my house, a girl should get to sport a little pink tree ;)

    Just trying- Do you think you'll at some point try doing marathons?

    The dawn- I think they must get a LOT of pampering and go to bed early when they can. It's gonna be SWEET! I will answer your Q in another post soon. :)

    Julie- thanks again for the youtube tip!!
    I will award you 2000 points for that. =D Keep track of your own

    C2 no points! You have all the info and know how to use SmartCoach! Do your own work ;)

  11. That picture is priceless. Reminds me of a kid I babysat for eternity - the thing would suck on noodles for HOURS! In a very crazy small-world story, I ran into her this August in Denver...hadn't seen her in about 35 years. Never would have known it was her, of course but her nametag gave it away (very unique name). First thing I said, "Do you still stuck noodles for hours on end?"

    I think you are a little beyond SmartCoach, personally. I'm HIGHLY recommend picking up the book, "Brain Trainer for Runners", there are some excellent training plans in there which incorporate strength training and drills. He uses a modification from Jack Daniels - which is the other plan I'd recommend. I work with the XC coach at school and he has run an incredible 11 Leadville 100 mile races and will not detour from Jack. A little more umph for a girl as talented as you!

  12. Thanks Jill- i am sending a little comment your way about ol' JD. I haven't made it to the book store yet, so there's a chance I might pick up several books.
    +2000 points for seasoned training advice. :)

  13. My word, not my work. Struggler....

  14. Cutie cutie little guy!!!!

    My work. I hope that tree was in the "FREE-please take" section! Hideous!! I won't call the fashion police on you. You look great:) We live in a little town too and I wear sweats all the time here because nobody knows the difference. I get all dolled up to go grocery shopping at the Sam's club two hours away though!!

    My hubby took some great pics of Ryan Hall during the race last year. I got to watch Sarah Hall run the mile the day before. You have to go to those races! SO much fun. Joe ran the 5K so I watched that too! Are you bringing your kids to Boston?

    Good luck deciding on a plan. I am giving that A LOT of thought these days but I have a couple of extra months to decide!

    I'll limit this comment to 5 paragraphs-ha! Have a good night!

  15. too cute of your son~ love that he bit down on your finger! LOL! Hilarious about the dressing up for cottage grove comment!! I agree, with a runners bod like yours, you can rock anything you put on. Good luck on training plan choosing!!

  16. I laughed out loud when I saw this picture! So glad to have some time to read blogs tonight. I'm glad you're doing so much thinking about a plan for Boston because I am going to be paying close attention and hopefully get some tips and ideas for how I want to train for my next marathon. the most thought I put into my marathons were to google training plans and choose the first one that popped up...pathetic.:)

  17. I hear ya, dressing up for me is putting on jeans! :)

  18. That is so cool that your church group came to your race. Jon is a great dad for taking care of the boys and I love that you called your dad your 'Paparazzi.'
    Thanks for all the sweet comments:) Do you usually have negative splits...if so, what's your secret??

  19. Sorry, that should be STEAK...need more coffee.

  20. ERG's secret to negative splits....she ties an elk stake to her running belt, and has to beat the cougars home.

  21. lol NB, you get 499 more points for half-truths and flattery, and 201 points for correcting your own spelling today.

    HRG- negative splits sometimes..I really haven't raced that much, though. It's easy to do if you don't go out hard enough to start with, or line up in the middle of the pack instead of the front. =D
    +700 points for good training questions!

  22. That tree is a must-have item! Actually, I want it! I would LOVE to have a pink tree in my girly little cottage!

    Hm - and now I see the things I get to look forward to if/when I ever get to be a mom! Sleeping children sucking on chicken - that's a first for me!

  23. Bahahaha, that photo is classic! You have to post that one in his senior year high school year book!

  24. Zero points. Really? ha ha You probably already figured that I am a geek and did the math. Or is it because I do not have a life yet? God knows.

    I was just testing the fence line to see if you would say it!! Too funny none the less.


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