Friday, December 10, 2010

And The WINNER is____!

I have a little homework to do....
Two recent purchases on the right: Daniels Running Formula and Advanced Marathoning (by Pfitzinger and Scott). I had been meaning to buy the Pfitz book for about 6 months. Both were $10.00 each (used) at Smith Family Bookstore in Eugene. Score!

Lore of Running by by Noakes, MD was already on my shelf. I highly recommend it as a running resource manual/encyclopedia if you are looking for that sort of thing. It does not, however, cover anything on   5K   training :( . But it does cover topics from cellular level biology of running, to how to train for a half marathon, marathon or ultra, and is full of biographies (which I love).

I had to reward the kids for going in the crazy bookstores and not tearing every book off the shelves in the process. (Though Matthew did insist on keeping a non-fiction piece about the history of guns. I insisted Dad already has it =D ). We headed to the nearest place for rainy weather play: the mall.

If you know much about me, I really don't hang out in malls very often. But, when in town it helps to burn off some energy from three kids who run at least a marathon every day!

I wish every town had something free like this to go to! Roseburg & Cottage Grove need to GET ON BOARD it is 2010!

And yes, folks...there was a winner to the trivia question in my last post! Amanda was the first to answer correctly with BABYLEGS! (Sorry, C2, it was rigged. Heh.)

It might have helped her to have kids in the baby/toddler age range to draw experience from :)
Now, if you haven't read Amanda's own inspired blog entry following her guess, you should check it out- complete with video! Maybe we can encourage her to do a giveaway with babylegs arm warmers. ?  I personally hope to win these:

I enjoyed every single comment on my last post and want to thank each of you for your assessment of my "stride issues"! You have all been a great help :P  , so I awarded points to those comments (unless you got on board pretty late- then you can give yourself 100 points for commenting late) Haha! Also, please drop by Kim's blog at (Just trying) is for little girls. She has a half marathon today!! I am awarding her 1000 points for that and 200 for slipping past my radar yesterday.

Keep track of your points! (unless there's some accountant who likes to do spreadsheets following this blog, willing to keep track for everyone?) I am working on a "prize" for the most points at year's end. You can bet it's going to be interesting.

And the trivia question for this post? Not too hard...1000 points for the first comment to answer correctly. Which year for the Boston Marathon will April 18, 2011 be? (how many times held) to start doing my homework! It's going to be a busy reading week.


  1. I think I need to get the Lore of Running. It sounds like my kind of reading. I already have the other two. Enjoy your reading!

  2. Hmm, 115th. Just a guess, I mean really after having lived in the Boston area for three years I wouldn't put it past them to lie.

    You are definitely a girl, I wouldn't drive an hour to go to a mall if my life depended on it.

  3. A Mall? What is that? Nope; I and it shall not cross paths..... I can only hope.

    Rigged! Not fair. They did not have those things when my kids were little. Crazy world we live in.

    I see that you are already up and commenting. Kind of early in your neck of the woods on a Sat.

  4. 115th!

    now i have some reading to do... i love reading about running!

    i would have never guessed baby legs...cause i don't know anything about babies...but those are super cute and work perfectly!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I am totally going to buy all three of these books off of amazon right now. Thanks! Any other books you'd recommend?

    I just might have to do a giveaway of a pair of baby legs. My wheels are turning.

    thanks again for the book suggestions...I'm going to go check them out right now! I already lost track of my points...darn.

  6. funny, amazon already has all three of these listed together...someone else must have used your blog wisdom and gone and bought all three together too...must be. :) Only, I won't be getting as good of a deal since they didn't really have any used books for cheaper than $15. Must be good books.

  7. Natty Bumpo- 1000 points! Careful with the Boston slams or I might have to take away some points. :)

    Jgf - It's a great book! Lots of useful stuff.

    The dawn- I LOVE reading about running almost as much as running =D You were right about 115th- just got beat by NB. Heh.

    C2- They didn't have malls when your kids were little?

    Amanda- I would have done amazon, but want to get started reading ASAP. I was already going to town- therefore, a great excuse for a bookstore trip :) DO the giveaway!!! I hope for zebra or cheetah print ;)

    Everyone except NattyBumpo gets 200 points for checking in !!

  8. I fully agree .... Roseburg is seriously lacking in ... um, EVERYTHING!!

    Our mall can't even count as a mall. Heck, maybe if they'd put in a little play structure for children then more people would be there to shop? And then maybe we'd get some real stores??

    Hm, maybe I should throw my hair in a bun, put on my glasses and a pencil skirt and heels, and go propose this to someone. Then I'd beg for a real running store to come into the mall. Wow - I see a whole future here, all because of this blog post!

  9. Cute pics!

    I am going to look into those books too, I have a lot to learn about running!

    And I have never heard of babylegs! I wish I knew about them when my kids were younger, they are so cute!

  10. In response to your comment: I would love to run in Forest park with you sometime if you ever come visit Portland! How long have you been running btw? Also, do you know anything about the Newport Marathon?

  11. I told Amanda that my kiddos are way too old for Baby Legs (and I'm not having more, thanks) but what a great idea for arm warmers. Well, if you were an arm-warmer wearer; they personally drive me crazy and the two times I wore them I had had them off at mile 2.

    The Lore of Running is my Bible. Still pushing Jack or Brain Training for you (cheap on ebay!) :).


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