Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Analyze My Stride? *With Video*

Things have been pretty ho-hum around here this week. I finally broke down and visited my doctor. It's amazing how antibiotics and sudafed (prescription in our state) decrease appetite and provide all sorts of energy reserves! Getting a full nights rest helps too...Which is why I ended up on the treadmill today.

As I headed to the TM, I was thinking of what a valuable resource videos can be for training advice (thanks Janae!) .  And so I decided today would be THE PERFECT day for me to get some help from my readers...all 5 of taking some footage and posting it here for expert analysis.

Here it is! Maybe you can give me some feedback on what to correct so this knee/hip/arm thing can get taken care of. =D

Well, hopefully someone was able to review that and trouble-shoot for me. Special thanks to Nathan, the 5 year-old cameraman in training.
So. On a more serious note...

One of my more paranoid concerns in running is the potential to develop a stress fracture. Here's a couple of questions to you: Are you scared of potential injury? and What do you do to prevent injury? I know I am not doing enough, but here's what I am doing:
  • Stretching (very minimal- maybe 5-10 minutes a day after running)
  • Rolling with my redneck foam roller (I try to do this daily, but more like 4-5 days a week)
  • Eating high calcium foods (like lowfat cottage cheese, drinking milk as a recovery drink, leafy greens)
  • Taking calcium supplements in addition to a regular multi-vitamin
  • If I run longer than 16 miles I am pretty good about ice baths afterwards, as long as I have the time :/ .

1,500 points to the first person to correctly identify the brand of arm warmer I am wearing here. :)
Here's a hint: one is missing and might be in the sock drawer. (Please don't laugh at my bicep!... Or my fashion sense.)

Special best wishes to all racers this weekend, including Little Fruit Fly and NattyBumpo. And a BIG thank you to P at Adventures of an Average Athlete for the sweet necklace I won yesterday!!

And, if you are in the least bit curious, I am still undecided about what I will do for Boston training. The clock is ticking and I don't have much time for reading- so I am starting to lean towards PFitz- just because his book says you can start his plan and then start reading his book =D Great work ethic, huh?


  1. ah-hahahahaha! love it. i had to really put my thinking cap on for this one. i even replayed it in slow motion in order to see the exact pronation...

    hilarious. and our treadmills sound exactly the same starting up. mine doesn't have the fancy dial...instead it has an awesome "slide bar" and it takes me forever to get the correct pace. then...magically it will randomly change to a slightly faster or slower pace with no warning. gotta love it!

    i do like pfitz. i kinda feel like someone's watching me though, when i'm on his plan. cause it feel so exact. but i like not having to think too much about what i'm doing...

  2. Now I have coffee all over my desk! Thanks I needed a good laugh. We now know why you had a mask on - you were busy laughing underneath.

    As for the arm warmer:

    Pippi wants it back. Her leg is cold.

  3. Congrats on your big win the other day. I love winning prizes.

  4. LMAO at that video!! I especially like the ponytail cutout in the back of your bag! :-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! That is really funny! I've never run on a treadmill. I think I'm very lucky that I don't need one.

  6. That was hilarious. At first I was REALLY confused :-)
    The ponytail hole was fantastic. You should start up a new running accessory company.

  7. I was really ready to completely analyze your running ha!! YOU HAD ME LAUGHING SO HARD!!! Nathan did an awesome job filming:) K, can I have your arms and legs please. I don't know what brand of arm warmer that tell! I am super paranoid of getting injured again so thanks for all the reminders again of how to prevent. How long do you stay in the ice bath? Can't wait to show billy your video....hilarious!

  8. Boy, sorry, I am not so good at assessing stride. But I don't see a problem there... I will not make jokes about your bicep because I want one like it!

  9. That has got to be a baby leg arm warmer!! :) right??? I use my baby legs all the time. I have not read this yet because I am not supposed to be on the blogs today at all...but I had to check in on yours really quick because I love your blogs. Must watch the video now. Yours will be the only one I read until at least tonight. :)

  10. okay, this was well worth my blog cheating for the day. Goodness, I need to get back on the wagon now. You are hilarious. Great post too...I am also scared to get injured again or push it too hard right now when I'm not completely healed. trying to be smart and take it easy. You're awesome. Thanks for the post.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! =D And I LOVE the paper bag. So awesome. And please tell your son I was so impressed with his cinematography.
    Your sockarmwamer is DA BOMB.

    In other news, please give me your sexy legs. And arms.

    That is all.

  12. your arm band looks like something I would totally buy at Hot Topic! Actually, it would match perfectly with my black/red goth school girl look today!

    I cannot believe you have a bag on your head.

    Since I know nothing about stride, and you are super fast (you did that last 1/2 marathon in what? 33 minutes??) ... I will try very hard to make mine match yours. If that is the key to speed, I'm going to do it! ;)

    Okay, I've watched it twice now and I can't stop laughing. I love that your pony tail is poking out the back of the bag, too!

  13. How in the world did I miss this post on my google reader. I clicked on your name today on your comment and then saw it. Thankyou because I TOTALLY needed that laugh today! Too funny!

    SFX's. I'm not sure how to prevent one. I might be able to tell you how to GET one....

    Love the armwarmer! Totally accents the bicep! Very classy and especially with that shirt!

    I'm excited to see what plan you decide to go with. I have a secret goal I've predicted for you in Boston....I love this little game... I'm easily entertained!

    PS-Along with 28 hours in a day and another husband, I'm adding YOUR legs to my Christmas list!!

  14. Really silly video! I bet your 5yo did a good job of holding in the giggles.

    I've used Pfitz and I've heard of a lot of people who've used it successfully. I can't remember if I stuck with it for a whole training cycle or if I quit because of injury and tried another plan. It's been awhile.

    Yep, I think about injury. It makes me more thankful for each good running day.

  15. That bag on your head cracks me up. The socks? Target? I did that last year and they worked great! Of course, I can only wear arm warmers like once or twice a year...I get so sweaty!
    Boston plan? I have a group that I'm training with from around here. I have the whole calendar and I can send it to you if you want a copy. It's nice to check out a few different ones to see which one fits. This calendar is more or less alot like Pfitz's but it has more hill work outs than his book's calendar. Email me(address on my blog)and I'll send you the calendar. I've used it for the last three Bostons so it's worked well for me.
    Have a great weekend, thanks for the laughs!

  16. Well, Thanks for the vote of confidence on my race! I ran it in 27:21. I suppose I should take a minute or 10 and post that.... I was slightly confused as to the bag, since well, all 50 of us have seen many pictures of you...THEN it all became clear. I am kinda glad I saw this tonight, I'm tired and have had a LONG week, heck I was in your neck of the woods on Tuesday. I needed this. Thanks.

  17. R, you need a smaller paper bag. You could do one with advertizing on it for a sponsor. Think underwriter...

  18. dont see a problem, pretty sure thats what I look like when I run

    Minus the paper bag

    well..most of the time

  19. I was in Eugene on Tuesday, are you kidding, if I was in Elkton, I would have had the locals find you for me. I would have asked to talk to the woman who runs 200 miles a week. They would have taken me right to you. I had to watch this again today at work...been the kind of day where a little spastic humor is JUST what is needed to keep the demons at bay. Thanks

  20. Hey there, ERG!
    I stop in at blogspot occasionally to check on you former loopsters. That video was hilarious!

  21. ahh haa! I'm just now seeing this! Nice form. I run that way too! hehe!

  22. Ooh! I missed Kim (Just trying) you get 200 points for slipping past my radar and 1000 for running a half marathon on Saturday!
    All late-comers get 100 points :)

  23. TOOO funny!! I know how to spot you in a race now! :)

  24. OK-I know this is an old post but I know where to go when I need a laugh!! And now, for the 2nd year after reading my comment from last year, I am asking for your legs for Christmas..... I got shafted and Santa gave me these other 2 legs that ran two NON-PR marathons last year-ha ha!


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