Monday, November 1, 2010

We Won't Be Eating Ramen Noodles After All.

See what we have been provided with?
Just in time...

There were actually at least twice that many turkeys. Our yard is part of their daily path of travel, from field to stream.

Yes, I would eat one.

The wild ones are pretty stringy though. Maybe if I pressure cooked them they might make good turkey sandwiches though. ? Just a thought.

Here's another thought: October is done!
  • 10 months of 2010 are over.
  • That's past mile 20 of a marathon (if you compare a year with a marathon. I am strange like that :/ )
  • October was a great running month for me. I ran more miles in October than in any single month. Woo-Hoo!
  • A year ago I suffered a hip injury. I am so grateful that the Lord has seen me past that and to give me this incredible year.  So many lessons came from that. The injury really taught me that the rules DO apply to me and to be compassionate towards other runners who are sidelined. It's not easy to be out of your game. Every run is something to be grateful for- a gift.
I had a complete rest day yesterday, so no run.  After church we went to a friend's house for dinner. It happens to be on one of my routes.
The elk were there, so I caught a few photos. Sorry that they aren't crisp. I am still trying to figure out the camera my dad bought for me, (since I was borrowing his so much).

My husband counted nine bulls (another blessing!). The two in this shot were just playing around. :)  Hopefully they'll be this easy to find in a couple of weeks.

Special shouts out to the hungry runner girl and Jenn (Running Sane) two fast ladies who have great blogs!!! Glad to have your comments =D

Happy running, everyone!


  1. Very nice. Your October numbers look great. Count blessings every day I do. Just wish that things could be different at times -- running and non-running.

    Great pics and I like the new look of the blog.

  2. Thanks for the Shoutout!!!

    Oh my word-262 miles-ROCKSTAR!! Your kids are young. You must have some SERIOUS organization to get that many miles in! Way to go!

    What happened with your hip? I just love your insight on that-every run IS a gift. I ended up with a femoral neck stress fracture at the end of May. Spent almost 7 total weeks on crutches and no running. I've just been running again since September and I'm SO glad to be back!

    Nice to have found you! Great Blog!

  3. Oh, Jenn! I am sorry about the SFX. :( You'll be in great shape for Grandma's though. I tore my hip - reduced mileage for about 8 weeks. I overestimated my muscular fitness post partum and went nutzo on hills. I could feel it getting sore during my run, but dummy that I was, kept on going for more! God was gracious and had me back to normal just in time to get in 16 weeks for my first full.
    BTW. Not organized at all here- just hard-headed =D

  4. You realize that you have run one HUNDRED marathons in the month of October? Seriously, them's some miles there. I expect that once my rest and relaxation for my feet is over; oh, I didn't mention, that I walked number 3 to school the day after the race and I was thinking, today would be a great day for a run; my mileage will begin creeping up there. I do have that strange desire to run a marathon now.

  5. Thanks NB! Not 100 marathons! You put in an extra zero. Only 10 LOL.
    You'll be there before you know it. Keep those feet happy!!!
    C2 things get hard sometimes. :( Keeping you in prayer.

  6. With the day I've had, I'm lucky to only be off by a power of ten. So, since it is illegal to pay for game, how much to pay your husband for processing some wild turkey? That would be even better than bunny for Easter.

  7. Thank you and Godspeed...

  8. That is a very impressive training month. When you get tired of marathons, you'll have to try some longer stuff on the trails! We are very blessed to be able to run aren't we? And we're even more blessed to have these little munchkins to hug and kiss every day!

  9. Your pictures are very cool, love the elk with the bulls. Nice mileage, you and Jenn will have lots to talk about with all your massive miles :). I was blessed to meet her in Boston and she's just a neat chick!!

  10. John, YES! We are blessed! You are truly hard-core.
    I am not sure I am made for that yet, but who knows? It's a possibility I consider for the future, once I discovered that they make gaiters for running shoes! When my sewing machine is fixed, i might try to make a pair and test run in some rocks and mud :) ...until then, I am dodging the slop =D

    Jill- Thanks! Yes- I saw Jenn has rebuilt her mileage quite nicely after the injury :)

  11. You seriously made my day!!! Thank you!! Congrats on your miles this month....You are AMAZING!!! Your hip story made me feel so much better about my knee, thank you for including that! I think of everything in terms of marathons too! I love that you do when it comes to the months of the year!
    P.S. I would definitely eat one of those turkeys too:)

  12. Thanks for the hummus and black beans idea, I can't wait to try it!! I seriously can't get over your 262 MILES in October. You are my idol!!!

  13. I love these gorgeous pictures, especially your sweet family!! I'm suddenly seeing blogs by many Oregon Runners, I love it! I'm also a recovering hip injury girl, I'm happy you're recovered and doing well. Thanks for your support and sweet comments!

  14. Wow, you live in such a beautiful area! your kiddos are adorable too, what a blessing!


  15. That is so cute! I'd love to watch turkeys going walking through in the mornings!


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