Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Week: Reverse Taper & Snow?!

I got a little "camera happy" today!

Western Oregon gets snow 2 or 3 times a winter, usually just a trace, and not this early! I realize that this much excitement must seem ridiculous to those of you who live in northern Minnesota (like Ninja Jenn), or in other regions of the US. But here, school is canceled when there's 2 inches and every kid gets a sled or tube out and looks for the nearest driveway or BLM road.

I went for a run. It was the first time back since Saturday's race. My quads are back to normal (after getting shredded during the half), and the DOMS in my calves was pretty slight, so I knew to keep it slow and easy. Ice on the road was minimal, but it certainly helped me keep my pace down! That, and making 20+ stops to take photos :)

Here are the sights:
 Dawn approaching the turnaround, 2.5 miles from home.
Right after the turnaround, looking the other direction. 
 Mountains across the field; Umpqua river, elk herd in the middle of the field at a "safe" distance.

 My dream home- it is really good size, and it has an outdoor fireplace and comes with hundreds of acres of old growth Douglas fir, white fir, and these...

 It's hard to get a crisp shot in twilight. Or maybe it's just hard for me :)
 Past another field and towards the wooded stretch...
 to see a waterfall in winter. Not much snow under the canopy of trees.
 Back out of the woods and into the snow, looking behind me at the familiar river that was too dark to capture earlier.

 The road leading up to the ridge. I used to try and do repeats here, until I figured out that they were possibly injuring me due to the road grade. (June/July calf strain)
 A neighbor's house, barn, arena and property.
 What my kids were up to when I got back :)

Little Levi's still getting over his cold too.
 I need to get my kids some gloves! We keep losing them - but it's not that cold, 33F probably :)
Anyone for a swim?
I didn't get warm enough running to warrant an ice bath today.

Thanks for all the sweet comments and funny questions last post! I left a comment there for some of you. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I was so excited about the snow, too. But you have TONS more than I do! LUCKY!! I didn't even get a chance to leave footprints during my morning run. *jealous!!* Loving those elk, too. Very cool!

  2. Great pics!! I bet your kids are just in heaven! Have I told you that you have the cutest kids ever! I can't believe it already snowed there....we are supposed to have a blizzard tonight. I am not ready for this! I am so glad your quads are better!

  3. whine, whine, moan, complain, whine. It's so beautiful!!! So glad you posted these :)

  4. ps- how can i email you?

  5. Great snow pictures - esp. the winding road one. I like your dream house, too. Do the elk pretty much ignore you when they see you out on a run?

  6. Oh my word! Those pictures are just gorgeous! The trees!!! I would get totally 'lost' in the beauty of that on a run. My husband would just flip out over those elk! I will have to show him when he gets home. My son too!

    Your boys are adorable. The pool-lol!! I'm glad your legs are feeling good! My quads would be more than shredded if I ran a 1:31-ha!

    Have a great Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for!!

  7. 2"!!! We shut down up here for less than 1/2". But then, the kids don't have school on Wednesday so this was an excuse to close the schools down a day early.

  8. The foot steps in the snow look like you were a one legged hopper. Beautiful photos of the boys.
    Crisp shot at twilight? See if the camera will allow you to decrease the fstop (say f16 to f2.5) and speed up the shutter speed.

  9. Gorgeous! Your kids are sooooo adorable!! I'm so thankful to live in Oregon!

  10. oh burrr!! That looks cold. Yesterday it was 75F and now this morning it is 35F. Thats cold for us. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  11. Wow, beautiful! did you wear anything on your shoes to ensure you didnt face plant? =)

  12. oooo, such gorgeous pictures! I just love them! I've only been through Oregon in the summer and there were flowers and trees everywhere. I never knew it was so spectacular in the winter! Treasure it!
    Congrats on your race, I must have missed that post last week!! You're fast, well done on placing and I enjoyed those pictures, too!
    I always look forward to reading and "seeing" your posts, thank you.

  13. I love your snow pictures! - especially the river and the one with the elk.
    You really still have your pool filled up and uncovered? It looks so clean.

  14. Great tip!! I totally need to start faster...we underestimate ourselves:) Did you start out faster with your last crazy fast race?
    Oh and for some reason the wrapper didn't chaff last time...ha!

  15. Oh my goodness, beautiful pictures! That first one is so lovely. I love the footprints as well...nice straight line you have going there. =) WOW the river with the trees! Breathtaking! And your children are so sweet. =)

    It looks like such a beautiful, peaceful run - restful and rejuvenating.

  16. by the way, it was me (lindsay from Cotter crunch) who posted before. Glad you got to visit my hubs' blog though!

  17. I hurt to read this post. Great pics!! I love running in conditions like you have right now. Thank you for sharing.

  18. What a beautiful area! I live in Eastern WA and we definitely have the white stuff going on now!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  19. Those pictures are breathtaking - you could photoshop your kiddos in your dream house and make them your Christmas cards :). I really loved the footprints in the snow, too...what a nice, straight line you run :). LOVE snow angels - nothing screams first snowfalls as much as snow angels!!!


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