Monday, November 29, 2010

Sorry! Beezus didn't show. And... exciting plans!!

On Thanksgiving I tried to upload a video of Beezus, a beloved neighborhood pet. It was funny, but the darn thing just wouldn't load. Could it be that my computer is antique outdated? Perhaps. Or it could be a possible user malfunction? Anyhow...sorry if you were disappointed to miss the big appearance. I'll save that for another time.

It's been a while since I posted. Mostly because I haven't had much to write about I have been too busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and recovering from it. The plan was to go up to my parent's house for the big day and enjoy dinner cooked by my mom. Prime Rib. (WTHeck?) We had to postpone it due to illness.  We stayed home and Jon worked. My oldest was bummed.

I more than made up for it on Sunday. My parents came down and I cooked a turkey with all the extras. When the bird was about 20 degrees away from done, the handle of my oven fell off! Oh yes! This will make a great memory. The year we scrambled to put the oven door back on while the turkey kept a-cooking. It actually took an hour longer than I had planned, but was fantastic and juicy. Worth the wait. Blessed again!!

My middle son (Matthew) was VERY proud of his loaf of bread. (I didn't give him a lot of dough to work with =D .  He loves to bake, though)
About running...
November is almost done and I am patiently trying to rebuild my mileage after an extreme taper (totally worth it!) and half marathon on the 20th. I'll just say that it's hard to be patient sometimes. My quads are still rebuilding and I definitely won't be doing any speed work still for another week (at least!) and then hope to get back to two days- one tempo and one interval/fartlek.

Does anyone else have trouble in the post-race recovery time frame? How do you get back into your regular training?  Last half I did (in June, before this one) I was too anxious and I think it cost me- calf strain or tear.

I have a lot of exciting things ahead in the next few weeks! There are approximately two more weeks to weigh out my options for Boston training. By then, I hope to have a solid plan and be able to get started with 16-18 weeks of training for the race. Possibilities include: 
  • Pete Pfitzinger 18/70 (I plan to buy his book this week, regardless) 
  • Revisiting SmartCoach (I used it for Eugene in may- but tweaked it) 
  • Making my own plan (Scary! It would have to be ON PAPER)
  • Something I haven't thought of yet...?
What about you? If you are training for Boston (or any other spring marathon), what are your plans? I'd really like to know!...


  1. woah! I seriously just wrote a mini blog on here. :)

  2. So glad I took a break from Christmas photo book presents to check in on some of my favorite blogs! Love that you used the word Fartlek! I felt like it was just for me too. ;) I have been way behind on reading and commenting on blogs so I have some catching up to do. I'm interested in seeing what plan you use to train. It has been so long since I've run a marathon that I had no clue what to do to train for this last one that I ended up not being able to run. I just looked up marathon training and used the Hal Higdon training program that came up. I've never trained seriously for a half marathon but I would love any suggestions you can give me for good plans you know of because I'd like to really try to follow a plan this next time instead of just doing whatever I feel like. :) All i have on my plate is the Hippie Chick Half in May but I'm starting to think about some earlier races since I've been feeling better. Good luck!

  3. I love tempos and fartleks! They are my favorite--or maybe the long run--or maybe... Hopefully, I will be back at it soon!

    I hear good things about Pfitz plans. I have used Smart Coach and tweaked it a bit. I think I am going to do my own plan next race and use a bunch of different ideas... Maybe that won't be a good idea...or maybe it will... Guess I haven't made up my mind yet.

  4. I am starting to do my tempos (which I really love) with a cane. New level of difficulty!

  5. the last two marathons i did Pfitz's 12/55, and this time i'm planning on the 18/55. bless you if you are able to do the 70! i just can't find enough time or energy to run that much in a week. his plans are tough, but they've gotten me to two PR's in the last year so i love it. and they are challenging enough to keep me interested. a rousing two thumbs up from me!

  6. I can't seem to load videos directly to blogger...I have to use youtube and then embed them on my blog. Not sure if maybe that was your problem with the beezus vid...

  7. Matthew is absolutely adorable. You are making me kid hungry:) I can't believe the oven handle fell off, that is the worst timing.
    Post-recovery is a killer. I never know what to mind is so ready to get back into it but my body isn't even close to ready. Last time I got out way too fast and end up getting injured.
    I can't wait to see your plan, I am sure it is going to be amazing!
    Start training for Boston in January.
    Thank you for your sweet made my day:)

  8. So, I saw the Beezus tease, and I was disappointed that it wasn't there. So I am waiting with baited breath to see what that is all about.

    I am starting to run in my Vibrams and I tell you what, that is a heck of a calf workout. The first day's run caused me to gimp about for about three days. The second was much better, but life is keeping me from running so far this week, and I am getting irritable about it.

  9. That sounds like one crazy turkey story! That is always fun because you will remember it forever ;)

    Your son is seriously adorable! Its awesome that he enjoys baking, I wish my little sister would bake with me more often but she just likes the dough ;)

  10. Looks like you've got plenty of good training ideas, but a couple I like are the ones at the Boston Marathon site (link on my blog resource page) and Run Faster (the book). I work out my plan as I go depending on how many miles I want to max out on and the date of the next race.

    You've got a funny Thanksgiving memory there and that's one fine looking loaf of bread!

  11. I just lost my whole marathon length comment...

    Yes, I was wondering what happened to Beezus when it popped up on my blogroll!

    Lol on the oven handle! Reminds me of the time we had just moved into our house and I had my parents over for supper. I was trying to make chili but I forgot it on the stove on high and the smoke alarm started going off. I grabbed it off the element and put it on the counter and burned a hole in my new counter top. Then I panicked and picked it up and put it on the rug and burned a hole in the rug. Ah-makes for a funny memory though!

    Your son is beautiful. Love the little bread-ha!

    I have the Pfitz book and I've read it but I haven't ever used a plan. Lots of good info though. I also used a modified Smart Coach plan for Boston. I SEVERELY tweaked it as I couldn't hit hardly any of the speed workout paces but ran the other runs faster. I will be stalking the comments here looking for advice!!

    I hate taper and recovery so limit my major racing. My legs weren't too sore after Boston but I was just mentally drained. I tried to run a PR half a month later (which TOTALLY flopped) and then hurt my hip right after. I have never properly recovered. I'm learning here-sometimes the hard way! You ran a SUPER fast race, you deserve some down time!!

    Anyway, I'll end this SUPER LONG comment! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. You have a beautiful family-definitely blessed and so much to be thankful for!

  12. i'm doing the same thing with smart coach but instead just using it for a little off season training. It keeps me sane, haha.

  13. Soo, any decisions on training plans. I can't wait to read what you decide. Thanks for your sweet words on my post today.

  14. Amanda- you wrote a great blog today! I will wait to decide until I read Pfitz's Advanced Marathoning and compare a SmartCoach training plan that tops out near 70MPW. As fara s HM advice goes- we are pretty close, and you have a faster marathon, so I will wait for your advice. All I know is that for ME, bumping my mileage up and working from one speed day to two has made all the difference.

    Jenn- that is some FUNNY stuff! To ruin the counter and rug at once? LOL How severely did you tweak yours? I had problems with the easy paces in some places- but not so much the speedwork. ha!


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