Thursday, November 4, 2010

NYC runners must be crazy! Aren't there enough other races to do?

Just read this article and my thoughts are this:

Do people really want to run in NYC that bad? Do they really have the desire to slog through crowds and mashed up paper cups to pay that much?

Dang that's an expensive race, even getting in through the proper channels!

Anyone racing NYC who got in legitimately, (like my friend Sandy, who did all the shorter local races to get in), BEST WISHES!!! I hope you have the time of your life!!!


  1. Wow-I didn't realize it was that expensive even legitimately! I was strongly considering that race next fall if my sister qualifies for guaranteed entry in 5 weeks. I am already qualified but now that my husband BQ'ed the plan is to go back to Boston in 2012(if the standards don't change.) I'm not sure we could afford both.....

    Oh-my husband is hunting white tailed deer. He pretty much hunts! Good luck with the Elk!

  2. I remember practically ice skating on billions of Gatorade cups at the aid stations in Boston. Run fast, so you don't have to endure the same mess!! :)

  3. Once again I completely agree with you! It is amazing how much people are willing to pay to put themselves through heck!! We are a crazy breed of peeps! Hope you had a great Thursday!!

  4. Oh, joy, Jill! I'll try for sure =D I wondered about that there. And I had no idea how much smaller Boston is compared to NYC. I can imagine the mess at both. I had a friend run about 5 hours in NYC and she said she was up to her knees in cup slush.
    Never been in a race over 10,ooo so it's sure to be an experience I won't forget. I am kind of used to running semi-alone.

    Jenn- How awesome that you can run that caliber of race with either your husband or your sister!!

    HRG- That's a lot of money for packed-like-sardines. I hope we see each other there!!

  5. $300 dollars just to get in?!?!? Do you know how many races I could run for $300!! That's crazy and doesn't even include the other expenses!! I want to run NYC one day but it'll be on my own merits and I won't sell my soul or family to do it! I saw the pic of "your guys". Funny you have 3 boys and my wife and I have 3 girls and we are expecting number 4.

  6. But Lee none of those would be the NYC Marathon. I am thinking of running a couple of Pikermis this spring and summer, but I am having a hard time justifying even the $75 entry fees, so I am with you on this. Part of the reason, I have a hard time justifying the costs is the fact that my four girls tie up a LOT of my income.

    If they REALLY wanted to stop this, they would put up a lottery system for the next 10% of the qualifiers, that if someone is unable to run due whatever the reason, they could offer that bib to the next person in line at an even swap price. Effectively doing away with most of the black market purchasing.

  7. I've run it twice and I can say I'm pretty sure that by the time you were halfway across the Verrazano Bridge at the start you'd be saying, oh yeah, definitely worth it. A spectacular life experience. The diversity of the burroughs, the electricity of the massive crowds, the insanity of it all. Probably what they were thinking about then they came up with that Visa "priceless" campaign.

  8. You know Gary (and the rest of you all :) ), I was thinking about this post during my run today (I know...pretty sad that I think about blogging) and have decided that it was rather reactionary of me.
    I still like to look for a cheap race and prefer the scenery, but really I have NOTHING to compare my imaginary NYC experience with. Just a small marathon in Eugene.
    Maybe after April I might decide that I LIKE big races. But that scares me too. Ignorance can be bliss when you consider all the tempting races out there!
    If I qualify for NYC in my half this month or in April, there might be a new can of worms.

  9. Hey girl! Thanks for the sweet comments. I am having knee problems and I was told to take two months off. I have already gone 3 weeks without running and I am being so careful because I need it to get better in time for BOSTON training? Have you ever gotten injured? It is the worst. I literally get so jealous when I see people running ha!

  10. hey, i just came over from the hungry runner girl's site. really enjoying your blog! i'd never heard of people selling bibs on craigslist. sheesh. i mean, yeah its one of the races that people get in their minds they want to do...but wow. thanks for sharing the article.

  11. just as point of clarification, as a devout antisocial kinda guy I too prefer super-small races. my favorite marathon of all time is a little race in prescott, az, that attracts almost nobody. But now and then it's fun to throw yourself into the middle of chaos, you know?


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