Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November stats & the Debut of Beezus

November was not the mileage I had for October, but that was the plan.

Still, why is it hard for me to see a reduction in training? I must be crazy!! So here I will remind myself of the reasons the miles went down: race, race, race. Taper+recovery. Necessity.

Sorry if you didn't want to be inside the occasionally crazy/neurotic brain I have- but there you go!

Total miles: 191.4 (down from 262.6)
Total hours: 26:45:38 (down from 37:06:50)
Easy days: 11
Tempos: 5
Intervals: 2
Fartleks: 0 ? maybe I missed one. ?
Long runs: 2 (That is so bizarre! It has to be how the month fell and the taper/recovery. I can't consider 12 as long for me, but it was on LR day)
Rest days: 9!! Is that a record?
Races: 1 half marathon

And the much anticipated guest appearance by Beezus the goat:

Forgive my heavy breathing- I was still pretty stuffed up. :)


  1. LOVED the video!!!!

    btw - great numbers

  2. Nice numbers. Um, 12 is long, BTW! You forgot one stat - 1 bloggy meetup!

  3. That was awesome. Pygmy goats are too funny. They are much more mellow than their lager cousins.

    Your numbers are better than mine for the month. But then, I gave myself the month of entirely. You are more hard-core than I am. And, for right now, 12 is a long run in my world. Talk to me in a couple of months....http://www.orrc.net/races/vernonia/vernonia.htm

  4. Beezus ha that is awesome!! I am the same way (neurotic) any decrease in training make me crazy. You are right though tapering and recovery are necessary.
    Great numbers though! I love seeing them in a chart, I am a nerd to get excited over stuff like that.
    You are hardcore to prefer dodging logs and school busses. I would love a treadmill in my garage...someday:)
    Good luck finding a bungee cord.

  5. Love your chart! You really track all types of runs!


  6. i'm on the fence out 10-12 milers as well. during marathon training they are definitely not long runs, but you were training for a half, so i would almost consider that a long run...

    i love to see how everyone breaks their stats down differently. i usually don't pay much attention to the monthly numbers, as long as my weekly ones are what i planned...

  7. Never mind the cuteness of the goat, holy cow your kids are delightful!!!

    My gosh, that is one fat waddly goat. =D

  8. Did he say "I got to touch Beezus' big battle horns?" Ha ha ha!

    Great mileage especially with the rest days and race! I'm still in awe over the 262 when training for a half! I can't wait for the day when I don't count 12 as long anymore. Eventually I'll get back there-getting closer....

    Ummm-YES YES you can give me advice! Speedy girl! That's the reason I have the blog in the first place. I'm always searching for advice. My choice whose I take but I certainly appreciate it and weigh it heavily. Without a doubt I need to tackle the speedwork head on if I want to improve. I hardly did ANY for my first marathon. I was better for Boston but still have a lot of work to do in this area. I'm going to take your advice with the mile repeats-I think you're right :o) Now, if it would just stop snowing....

    I'm really Boston jealous right now. I would LOVE to go back this year. I'm going to be a super freak that Monday morning tracking all of you!!! I think you are just going to SMOKE that race! Your mileage is awesome, you're already running WAY WAY WAY faster than your previous marathon and you haven't even started officially training! Major PR coming your way!! Excited to follow you!

    Oh-and the arch is better today and my husband has gone through 4 gas cans plowing the entire city of Roseau....

    Must every comment be a novel....

  9. In November alone you ran over 1/2 of what I've run since I declared myself a runner last year!

    I need a goat. Beezus is too cute. I must have my own little goat in my backyard. It could be my dog's pet!


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