Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Race Report Yet?! But I am happy!

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging comments! I can't wait to post the race report...once I can find the official results online!?! I don't know why they won't open on my computer.. :/

In the meantime, I just want to tell you how rewarding it is to read things like this.
My son was interviewed by the news with his Sunday School class after they collected items and donated them to a special project  called Operation Christmas Child. I am such a blessed woman! God is good!

I hope to get the results soon! Sorry, I am a little anal about statistics sometimes. :)


  1. You are happy or you are ELATED! Congrats-any way you look at them, those statistics are going to tell you that you are one FAST chica!!

    Operation Christmas Child-such a great project! You ARE blessed!

    Hope you're taking the day off :)

  2. Glad you had a great race whatever the stats are!

    My family did Operation Child one year. It was so much fun to work together on it. Love the program!

  3. Our cups overflow with blessings! Its a great feeling, isn't it? Sounds like you had a pretty good race, too!

  4. I have had issues with the results today, too. Once I hit refresh they seemed to open. Annoying, but it worked for me!

    That sounds like a fabulous project. What nice children!

  5. God is good:) I have been so looking forward to the recap but I totally understand. I just have something to look forward to tomorrow! Have a great night and don't worry I will be stalking you until the race recaps are up!

  6. What a sweet article, I loved Nathan's comment. It's so neat to get kiddos out there and experiencing service, not just reading about it! You are wonderful parents.
    Thanks for the comment you left about not rushing things, I needed to hear that tonight. I have no need to rush :) .


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