Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long Run & Thoughts on November

There were two main goals I had for my long run this weekend: 1) take it easy, and 2) see if I could manage running with a camera on my body (this might help me achieve #1 as well).  

{Note:  I hope to get a spi-belt, but since I haven't shelled out the bucks yet, I used an old fanny pack designed for carrying binoculars. (It's fairly small.) I cinched that puppy up with the camera inside and WHA-laH! }

To my surprise, it felt OK. I usually don't run with anything bouncing on me. In fact, it used to bug me so much that I would lace my watch and ring to my shoe. (I am doing much better mentally these days =D )
The distance goal was 20 miles- the second and last 20 miler before my half on November 20th.

Was 20 miles necessary? No. Probably not. :/   I just wanted a reason to do this route since I haven't been this way in a while.

At about mile 9 of the out-and-back route, the sun came up and it was light enough to snap some photos. This house is about halfway down a very long steep hill.
The people who live here are nice folks. I think they were just waking up :)

Photos never do justice of the grade you are running. :) The road goes for about 2 miles down into a canyon, with most of the descent bunched into a mile of it.  It's a great workout, and pretty to run through too.
Some friends of ours live here. They are cattle ranchers and lease property all up and down the Umpqua to raise the livestock.
Just one of many barns near the end of that road.
Near mile 10 - after the turn-around and getting ready to climb back out of the canyon. The road goes up somewhere between the three bumps of trees on the right.

This is the second week in a row of doing this route and I am glad I chose it! The descent/climb forces me to seriously slow down and also works muscles that I don't ordinarily use so much.
A few miles later and about 7 miles from home.
The yellow leaves on the vineyard at "Bradley Estates" were just glowing in the fog!

Temps are so mild/cool here that I have been pretty lax about setting up hydration for my runs. I was also out a car this week and didn't have a chance to drive out my Gatorade to the usual drop site. There was probably some old stuff stashed in the bush there, but for some reason I didn't feel the need to stop and check.

I know  it sounds pretty weird, but i have done the last 3 weeks (maybe more like 5?) long runs without drinking or fueling. I DO need to plan better though- just in case. But, I am incredibly blessed by a cooperative climate. 

At mile 15 I had a vision of frosted shredded wheat in a bowl of milk. It was like a carrot in front of me! When I got home, Hubby was eating the last bowl! LOL I had Honey-Nut cheerios and an ice bath for recovery.  

The run accomplished both of my goals, and I have to say that the camera was fun to use. It helped me to take things slow. No progressive anything today! :)

Now for the rest of the month: I will ease up on the miles before my race (i.e. taper), and afterwards I will also INTENTIONALLY recover with some easier miles and NO speed work for 2 weeks. That should put me in a good position to start a program for marathon training. (I'll save that for another post =D )

Happy running!! 


  1. I *almost* got up and went for a run this morning, but it felt so good to just chill and relax that I decided that it will wait until tomorrow. Plus, looking at how beautiful the morning turned out, I just might pack the girls into the van and see if the zoo is trading today.

    I have to say we live in the best part of the world that I have seen so far. I need to go to New Zealand to confirm that though. You will make all those readers of yours from the mid-west and the east jealous. And to them I just have to quote Nelson from "The Simpsons", "Haw Haw!"

  2. Great Pics! I will have to get around to posting some pics of the desolate nothingness that I run in-blech!! For now, I'm not as focused on the fact that my routes are painfully boring, just thankful that I'm able to run period!! Wow-20 mile training runs for a Half! You are going to do Awesome! I bet you just SHATTER your PR in Boston! I can maybe go 10 miles without water but I'm such a sweater, even in the cold that I could never run 20 without food or water! I'm so jealous of your mileage-I had to halt at 38 miles this week as I started to get a dull ache in the ole' hip on Friday and experience says to listen to my body this time and take a couple of days off. Enjoy the little taper!!!!

  3. I love that you took the camera... you should always do it! I loved the pictures. That road sounds killer, I need to find a route like that. Yay, for tapering, do you go crazy during taper time? I am going to have to send you a box of frosted shredded wheat! Great job on your run and you are so lucky to live in a place that you don't need to drink/refuel often!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful route! Great idea taking the camera. I got a Nathan Speed 2 hydration belt last month and can put my girls' tiny camera in the pocket. Though if I took pics of my run you would see a whole lot of cars and traffic lights. Exciting. Yipee.
    =) Thanks for sharing and GREAT job on the mileage!

  5. Great pics. As for running with gear strapped all around me - I guess I got used to it in the Corps. I usually forget to grab the camera.

    You are going to great in that marathon!

  6. This has me thinking that I need to charge up my FLIP camera, and figure out a way to strap it to my reflective vest. It might be bouncy but it would be a fun "runner's eye view of my long runs. Well, once I start running again. The heels have been complaining this weekend, and I just started to fight a cold... so I am extra crabby this week.

  7. So lucky to have those hills to practice on! I don't really have anything unless I want to go up to the mountains, and those scare me :( Work it, girl!

  8. NB- is that a video thing? Take more photos! I hope you got a good trade at the zoo. Don't get sick again :(

    Meghan- stay safe!!

    C2 You were in the Corps?
    I guess a waterbottle would seem small after a rucksack.

    Rawbanana- put up some pics anyway! I am curious!

    HRG I haven't been through much in the way of tapering...But i was thankful for the rest last time.

    Jenn- I hope you are right about Boston. We'll see :/ Glad your hip's doing better today!

  9. We ended up not going to the zoo as I didn't feel good at all yesterday. Yes it is a video camera that is tiny. It holds about 2 hours worth of video, so I will have to get faster to film a whole pikermi.

  10. That would be a great goal for your second one! Especially if you aren't visiting so much with other racers :)

  11. Hey! I *did* help her get 10 minutes off her expected time, so I consider that a win.

  12. i'm pretty much convinced now that you are some kind of superhero, or a bionic woman or something! 20 milers to train for a half? AND then...not fueling? seriously, you are a machine! can't wait to hear how your race goes :)

  13. Beautiful pictures! I love living in Oregon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll look for you next weekend at the EWEB half. :)


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