Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Race Pace! I'd like to introduce you to my "Inner GPS".

We're winding down here for the EWEB Run to Stay Warm half marathon.

Today's workout plans were for 4 X 1600 at (projected) half marathon pace, with a few miles warm up and cool down.

These are always interesting to me since I can use the mileposts and my simple digital watch to guide my workout. There is no real-time pace going on with my watch. The best I can manage is simultaneously timing a mile while keeping the other stopwatch function running for total time.

(Sidenote- 800's and 400's are much trickier since I don't have a track within 30 minutes; and, therefore there is very little accuracy. I have spray painted the road out here in the middle-of-nowhere =D . I could start doing these on the TM. :/ ?)

(Another sidenote: Sharing my training paces with others is totally new to me. Up to now I have been pretty quiet about this stuff for fear of embarrassment if I either choke in a race or look like an idiot in training. But what the hey, right? Life's no fun without risks! If I choke, you all won't eat me alive, will you? I'll still look like a mOroN, though )

OK so here are the splits today for the attempted HM pace 1600s:
mile 1- 6:20
Nice. But NOT my HM pace at all! I'd be thrilled to sustain that for a 5K. ha ha. Back to the drawing board.

mile 2- 6:40
Better, but this is not getting me to the "feel" of Saturday's race pace! This would be a rad 10K pace, though.

mile 3- 7:08
OK That's a lot closer.

mile 4 - 6:39
Here we go again! Maybe I had too much recovery time.?

I really don't know what to think. My inner GPS was not working today! I have a few more days to fix it, maybe 2 more runs. But maybe I will just skip running and sleep in every day til Saturday. :)


  1. Oh, you are going to do great on Saturday. So glad you'll be at the finish way before I get there! Your splits are fantastic.

  2. Hey speedy! Wish my internal GPS would tell me 6:20 was HM pace! Ha! It won't even tell me that is 5K pace or 1 mile pace right now for that matter!

    About sharing training paces. I had never told a single soul any of my paces before I started blogging but I was looking for feedback and seemed that the virtual safe "blogworld" was a good place to put them out there. Nobody really knew me but I was still accountable in a sense. This changed as I met half my blog friends in Boston-ha! No, life isn't fun without risks and we surely won't eat you alive if you choke!!

    Great work on the repeats and Good Luck the rest of the week! I think you're going to do just AWESOME on Saturday!

  3. No fear for Saturday; except for the other runners. Good splits and maybe a little over thinking?? Just asking. When you race it is by feel and not by the watch - so no worries.

    According to Bill Rodgers - “You are racing your competitors, not the clock.”

  4. i get a little shy about my pacing information too. when i started blogging my marathon pr was 4:28 and my more recent marathon was 4:51...i felt like i was setting some pretty lofty goals for myself and didn't want people to try to talk me out of it :)

    now that i see how helpful it is for me to see other's paces/goals i try to remember to include that information. but it still feels very personal to me.

    so, thanks for being vulnerable and by the looks of it you're going to kill your race! good luck! can't wait to do a little victory dance for you when i read your recap :)

  5. I never owned a Garmin or similar device until last year so all my pacing was on "feel" - it is hard because you think you're cranking out X pace only to find out you're more like D. But you'll get it and just wear your watch and check each mile's split at the mile marker and make your adjustments accordingly. Racing by feel is actually so much better so you don't become you against the clock. All's going to be good, trust yourself and your training!! :)

  6. I'd go with sleep in (Ha you have kids) until Saturday myself. Maybe a couple of VERY short shakedown runs, like 4 or 5 miles, but knowing you 4 or 5 would be come 6 or 8 and all at 7 minute miles. Just relax and you will do absolutely fabulous.

  7. Nice splits either way. I have no inner pace calculator, I find in races it is much easier to get into your pace and then stay there. But in training runs forget it! Good Luck!

  8. I am so impressed and inspired by you!! So nice to read motivational. I can't wait to get back into some speed workouts...okay, I don't enjoy them but it means I'll be on track for racing and meeting my goals. The only pace my inner GPS knows for sure is a 7:50/8 min/mile pace but I would be lost trying to do faster splits consistently without a treadmill or GPS (which I don't have).

  9. Putting numbers out there is risky but you're safe here with us!! It's all good because you're out there working hard and moving forward, that's what counts. Oh, and having FUN is huge, too!
    I've started to put my watch aside for some of my races and they've been the best races I've ever had and the fastest. You can't let the numbers get to you, run how you feel and you can't go wrong!
    I hope Saturday goes well!

  10. YOU are so SPEEDY!! Wow!! I think your inner GPS is a speed demon! I can't wait to hear about your race Saturday, you are going to rock it!! I say you should sleep in every day until then:)

  11. I loved your broccoli snack idea....I will be doing that.

  12. Sleeping in sounds great! See ya on Saturday!


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