Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Half Marathon Preview: EWEB Run to Stay Warm

This will be my second time running the EWEB Run to Stay warm. I first ran it (conservatively) in 2008 (8 weeks pregnant) as my first half, enjoyed dry 45F weather, finishing in 1:57.

2008 EWEB Run to Stay warm-
Mom, me, Nathan and Matthew. Levi in tummy. :)

Last year I got to watch a friend run it and I donated my paid entry fee (All proceeds benefit EWEB's Customer Care Program to help income-eligible customers who are having difficulty paying their utility bills. More than 4,000 households are helped each year. ). That day I took my first and only DNS due to a hip tear. I knew better than to race on it, but wanted to torture myself by going to a race I couldn't run in! Ha.

The course starts at the Water and Electric board facility in Eugene, on the Willamette River. It follows the river for the majority of the race, with part of it going past Autzen Stadium (home of the U of O ducks). It's scenic, but can be rather lonely in spots. Much of the course is also part of the Eugene Marathon course.

Here are a few stats from last year, for all you number crunchers and odd's makers ;)  :

********** FEMALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********

1 Sunny Gilbert 30 Corvallis OR 1:27:54 6:43

2 Colleen Carter-Cox 37 Eugene OR 1:28:13 6:44

3 Wendy Pierpont 37 Eugene OR 1:28:23 6:45

********** MALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********
 (just for interest)
1 Kevin Cave 29 Milwaukie OR 1:12:54 5:34 (not sure about this guy)

2 John Ngigi 30 Glide OR 1:12:55 5:34 (he's won a Portland Marathon)

3 Sean Meissner 36 Sisters OR 1:16:19 5:50
FEMALE AGE GROUP: 35 - 39 (my AG)

1 845 Colleen Carter-Cox H 37 Eugene OR 1:28:13 6:44

2 454 Wendy Pierpont H 37 Eugene OR 1:28:23 6:45

3 816 Terra Yates H 36 Salem OR 1:34:31 7:13

Personal analysis of what to expect:
OK. Just being realistic here-
I think it's safe to say I won't be in contention for an overall award! And the chances are slim for anything in my age group, if these three gals (above) show up or bring any friends, unless it rains like the dickens and is 35F- which is also entirely possible!!

I wouldn't be surprised if a woman finishes with a 6:30 pace this year (not me, haha). It's not a huge race; there is no money to be won (I've never won money!?!).  But, Eugene is track-town-USA. The top runners are going to be speedy, regardless of the race size.

A 7:15 pace would be nice, but would put almost 3 minutes faster than my June half in Coos Bay (which I felt very ill afterwards for several hours) (you can read about that race here). Right now I would be happy to finish in 1:37 and shave any time off of that last race that I can.

My goals for this race are:
PR.  1:35 would rock!

If I don't PR, well...I guess I could hope to master refueling / drinking mid race. I bought a few power gels to use this time. I haven't used any gels or Gatorade in my previous 2 half marathons.

And if none of the above take place (or this cold moves into my eyes and stays there- Noooooo!!!)..I hope to just have a good time. :) I am certain that part will happen, since I will be meeting up with 3 other lady bloggers Kim, FruitFly & Laurie before the race!

Oh...and this will be my "birthday race"- though not exactly on my birthday. Extra incentive : Lunch on Mom and Dad afterward!

2008 Nathan running the 400M kid's race, age 3!


  1. Good luck! I wish you were'd be a good training partner (if I liked having training partners. ;)) You'll be awesome!

  2. Is this your first time meeting up with Kim, Fruitfly and Laurie? And is Elkton near Grants Pass? Thanks for the comment on my post today...I wish I loved early morning runs more...I love how you combined the thinking, praying and running because when I'm running is when I do my best thinking and praying. Such a good time to connect with God and myself.

  3. "Donated my paid entry fee"-ha! Been there, done that! At least it's a good cause. I love when I'm getting race jitters thinking about YOU running a race! This is the fun of blogging! If you're not racing yourself at least you get to be a virtual spectator for others! I didn't even know what a gel was my first half marathon. I took two of them in my somewhat decent half a year ago October at 5 and 10 on a recommendation. I think they helped! I take 5 of them in a marathon but not too many in training. I would just LOVE to see you get a 1:35!!!! Wow, fast race! Can't wait to read the race report! GOOD LUCK!! Enjoy that birthday lunch!

  4. Amanda- Yes! This is the first time I will meet these ladies :). Elkton is 2 hours NW of Grants pass and an hour SW of Eugene. It's between I-5 (south of Cottage Grove) and Reedsport. It would be fun to run with you :)

    Jenn thanks for all your enthusiasm!!

    The cold has settled in my eyes/sinuses. I could feel it tingling last night, :( Still, it could be so much worse.

  5. i am so excited for you!!! you have been training so much and you'll probably smash that goal of your's! oh, it makes me want to run another half. i've never actually trained to run half's...they're always just a part of marathon training or i sluff my way through them.

    i'm like heart rate went up in excitement thinking about your race day :) can't wait to hear all about it. and know that i'll be thinking and praying for you this weekend!

  6. Good luck. Will be thinking about you and your race. I predict a pace of 7:16 for you. Go get 'um!!

  7. I chose that pace only because of the weather. If better weather -- 7:13 pace. Fingers are crossed!!

  8. I love the pictures, you have a beautiful family. I am so excited for the race recap, you are going to rock it. I believe that you will get 1:35! What a neat charity that this race donates to. Good luck and start to carb load now:) I really am so excited for you...take lots of pictures please!

  9. C2-I'll see your 7:13 and raise you 7:03, that little lady is gonna kick butt. 1:32:21 is my prediction. She has been training hard, and it is on a course she knows. And that is with the cold. Without the cold, fahgeddaboudit, she'd win.

  10. Hahahaha Thanks you guys~! I feel much better after a good short run and a laugh :D

  11. Having a good time should always be the number one priority! That said, I hope you take home a AG award! You definitely have a chance, especially if you find out who your competition is and strategically run to squeeze in! =) Good luck!

  12. That is a smokin' pace!! I hope you feel better. Your boys are so cute!!!

  13. You are going to rock! You've had great training and know the course. I hear you on the loneliness of that section. Those got to be some hard miles at the marathon! And the top 2 in your AG were overall winners. So the 3rd place is actually the 1st. You can totally get an AG award!

  14. I hope you get a PR and that the fueling/drinking all works out. What a fun weekend you'll have! Happy birthday!

  15. So glad I'm not in your AG, so we won't be competing! Ha,ha! 1:35 wow! I look forward to your race report to hear all about it too. We must meet up before the race because you might be halfway home by the time I finish:)

  16. Looking forward to your race report!! Have fun and stay warm!

  17. I don't know why but I found it so exciting to read about a race I will be at. Granted I'm not doing the 1/2, I still find it exciting. Maybe there WILL be a lot of rain and less 5K runners and then maybe I can look like I am running better than I really will (but then why would a super fast person bail on racing when they will knowingly kick my ass)?? I've never run at the same time a 1/2 is going on, so it will be new for me to see 1/2 marathon runners finishing. I'm really looking forward to it. Heck I'm looking forward to that more than my actual mini-race! As congested as I am I'll do my best to be a good cheerleader!

  18. Just the mention of a birthday around or near a race sounds fun to me. There's something about getting older, being a woman and "needing" to get out there and push oneself!! Have FUN and go for it...I hope you meet and surpass your goal pace and if not, you're going to have fun anyway AND enjoy a nice lunch!
    Brrr, I hope it's not too wet or chilly!

  19. Those are some funy predictions! I predict stuffiness and 50% chance of wearing glasses instead of contacts.

    John - You are so right! Priorities....having fun can be arrived at in different ways :)

    Thanks Anna- yours is too!

    JGF- thanks! I am not sure if the overall winners will be disqualified for AG awards here. I don't think so...? will check.

    Thanks Tina!

    Kim- I plan to stick around til I see you come in- hopefully without the plunger!!

    Meghan- Next one's yours!!!

    FruitFly- It will be awesome to see a face at the finish line. And I might be wishing I were doing the 5K with you at that point. ;)

    Meg- I see we think a like. I NEED to get the cobwebs off the 'nother-year-older body! :D That will be fun. We'll see about pace. Hope so!

  20. Okay, how do I find your e-mail? Tell me more about using the foam roller that mentioned or in your case that coffee can roller that you made...that was you right??

  21. I think three cubed (Colleen Carter-Cox) has her work cut out for her!!! Go get 'em, girl!! I'll be cheering for you from Denver!!!

  22. I hope that you are right NattyBumpo!

    I had no idea that she had been training on the route.

  23. Well, at one point I thought maybe I could run with you but even my most lofty ambitions will leave me eating your dust... you are speedy!! I look forward to meeting up tomorrow.

  24. C2-it is more that she has run the course a couple of times in the past and knows what to expect and where. Familiarity helps, it is like the races in my town, I know the roads and trails so I know what to expect and when.

  25. Hope it went well! Can't wait to hear!

  26. I can't wait to hear about your race!! I hope you PR'd!!

  27. OK-I might or might not be a race stalker....I don't even know your name but curiousity killed the cat and through the power of Google, I think you may potentially be a SUPER ROCKSTAR!!! By SUPER ROCKSTAR, I mean SUPER SUPER ROCKSTAR!!! Really, I'm not psycho and I will not track you down and show up at your doorstep-ha! Can't wait to read your race report!

  28. She was freaking AWESOME!!

  29. OH Yeah! Although, I think she sandbagged a little so that I didn't call it right on. Way to go young lady.


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