Saturday, November 13, 2010

Curiosity Killed My Abs (P90x Review and Other Tangents)

I gave in to my curiosity.

My (non-runner) friend, K, asked me to take home her P90X DVD "AB SHREDDER" to give it a try.

My "gut" reaction: I was skeptical.  I have plenty of workout videos (collecting dust) and I already do ab work anyway (when I remember, and am wearing the right pants, and don't have mini-people hanging all over me). I must admit I have been skating by in the strength training department...just doing some basics since the high school closed its doors on the weight room.

I took the said DVD home and it sat on my chest freezer with the mini DVD player for a few days, where I hoped I could watch it during a running session. (See my priorities?)  Then K started asking for it back. :/ Ok. Now I really need to watch it and return it to her, but I lost it!

Finally, after finding it behind the chest freezer several days later, I gave it a whirl.

My reaction during the work out : Meh. Good exercises. Some variety. Annoying dude saying he's "So sad it's almost over". Didn't seem that hard, and I got through the whole thing, no problem. Isn't it a little unnecessary to spend 15 minutes just on abs? I couldn't help but laugh at his suggestion of getting some recovery drink after 15 minutes. :) For the record, annoying dude does say that you shouldn't do this workout every day ;) . Is this just for dramatic effect? Maybe to make you feel tougher than you really are? Maybe I am being too harsh.

That was yesterday. Today I feel like I went snowboarding for the first time in 10 years. Yessssssiree. I have external obliques I forgot existed. Maybe I should add a little variety to my core routine. Eek. I won't be replacing my running anytime soon with P90x; but, maybe it has it's place. Perhaps if sinewy finger like definition occurs I will be completely converted. This remains to be seen.

And about running:
12 miles easy today. It was misting and I felt cold, so I wore a light LS top, tights, brooks hat and gloves. I wore the shuffle and used it for most of the run today since there were some new podcasts to hear and it was light.

I am "tapering" from a  month of 60 mile weeks and I am ready to cut back a smidgy more. I have only tapered once before, and I was ready for it. This time I have a mental block for some reason. I have to keep telling myself "Trust the taper. Trust the taper..." and "A week or two reduced is NOT going to hurt you going onto marathon training. It will help!" I am my own worst coach!

Also, speaking of self-coaching, anyone following Ryan Hall might be interested in this link:  Ryan Hall interview

On yet another tangent:
I made Danish Pancakes today after my run and they were a hit with blackberry jam!

Mmm. The recipe is here. I am NOT a great cook, but if a recipe works I do it over and over and over again. Yay for simple! I love the non-rush of the weekend.

And finally, today I will finish with a shout out to John Nguyen who is hopefully kicking butt in his 50K today (or has already done so!) Go John!! You are inspiring! Check out his blog- he pretty much only does his race reports there, but they are wonderful.

Enjoy your coffee, God Bless & Happy Running!


  1. My P90X DVD has AbRipperX and it is tough! I usually do it after strength training and have a hard time getting through all of the reps. My husband has been doing P90X for 6 months and, let me tell you, it does have it's place (there are abs under there!)

  2. oh that tony (p90x guy)...he's just crazy. i do believe that the ab ripper thing is supposed to be done after a full 90 minute lifting session so the recovery drink is more about least i would hope :)

    man, i'm always super excited to get to the taper. but then, i'm not used to such high mileage weeks. i top out at 55 and i feel like that's pushing it for me :) you are smart to trust the taper. think of it as depositing energy "money" in the "bank" of your muscles. that's what i do whenever i feel the urge to run farther and/or faster during the taper. its money in the bank.

  3. Just trying- I love reading about what ST/ XT stuff other people are doing- very inspiring! That and nutrition are where I tend to fall off the band wagon first. Tell your hubby to keep it up! =D

    The Dawn- that's some good advice! Maybe it will keep me from pushing too hard this week :) .

  4. Jeff has been doing P90X and I can see the difference in him! His workouts and my running got us through Paris in great time! I do ab ripper x sometimes and it kills me.

  5. ERG, do you think you could make a copy of P90X for K and I? If it's not to late to salvage our bodies. Love the photos of M and L.

  6. Oh my! Tony Horton is BEYOND annoying. I do that Abripper X every now and again. Used to do the whole program and the Abripper would follow one of the other videos. Good program but I kinda prefer doing my own thing. I'm not a huge fan of videos. I'm doing the 30 day Shred right now but only because I'm doing it with my daughter. It's not bad.

    YES- trust the taper!!! I hate tapering, hence the reason I don't run a lot of races! I managed a pretty decent taper for Boston and I felt really fresh on race day (slightly crazy the week before though)! You will too if you let that body rest up (feel fresh not crazy that is)! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

  7. Your kidlets look like they thoroughly approve of the pancakes. Yum! =)

    I read Ryan Hall's post about self-training and I'm just not quite sure what I think about it.

    I didn't know John was doing another 50k!! He's the man!

  8. Thank your for calling them mini-people and thank you for including the picture of them...they are ADORABLE!! I think they may have liked your breakfast!
    I make my PE kids do the P90X Abs every few weeks and they die, I have never heard kids complain about something so much! It does make me sore but I don't want to die, I usually put the volume on low so I don't have to hear his voice!
    Please trust the taper!! I probably abuse the taper by being way too lazy but honestly I really think it helps! 60+ weeks, you are my hero! Enjoy the rest of your night!

  9. Great job on the run-wow 60mpw! You are a ROCKSTAR!!
    Dont you get super chilly running in mist or rain? I guess it depends on the temp but I cant imagine running when I am WET and its COLD!! BRRR!!!
    Off to check out John's blog!

  10. It was a beautiful day for a 50K race, that was supposed to be a training run. Took lots of pictures and met some amazing new friends. I have a race report to write up now =).

  11. I've heard good things about this workout! If I wasn't so happy with My Jillian Michael's workout, I would get this P90x. Maybe I'll have to try it out anyway. Hope your abs are feeling better tomorrow. :)

  12. Did I ever mention that I'm having another little girl in March? That means I'm outnumbered by the girls! Your boys are adorable. I almost wish I had one. My daughter is loving the idea of a baby sister. Oh and thanks for the shout out! Your amazing high mileage weeks are pretty inspiring, if you asked me. I just bounce from one ultra to the next with very minimal running in between (mostly due to some nagging injuries).

  13. Congrats, John! That will be a lot of estrogen...=D You are a blessed guy, indeed!!
    Don't know how you bounce around with nagging injuries.? Seems pretty tough to me! Get on that RR!

    Amanda- I'll have to look into Jillian Michael's. I have a feeling she hits more than abs!!! This one was just a little core thing. It would be cool to compare :)

    Jenn- I like training too much to taper, too. LOL.

    HRG- but then I would miss out on the cool workout music ;) You must be a fun teacher!

    Anna, Thanks! It usually doesn't drop below 40. We get used to it!

    Keeley- are you working to an ultra goal?

    Jgf- Paris---when are we going to hear more?!?!

  14. Yeah - thanks for including pictures of your kids - they sure are cute :)

    i've heard about this P90x or whatever... I should look into doing something... I do absolutely nothing besides run. The most annoying thing for me is that I can't/don't have all those little extra exercise things (balls, ropes, straps, what have you), so that cuts out about 70% of exercises.

  15. Meghan- HI!! I found 10 minutes of P90X abripper on youtube today. (they cut some reps out, i think.) Just throw one of those preschoolers on your shoulders and do some lunges. That will burn for a while! =D

  16. I agree with that guy's voice. Good for you to finish it. Great pic!!

  17. yeah - i found the video - you know what my problem is? I cannot balance on my butt like that! I spend most of my time trying to balance myself. yeesh. I need major help.

  18. Eventually, at some point in the future, Lord willing, I plan to run 100 miles. Or 24 hours. Or both. Or something like that. Right now I'm just tickled pink my mileage is back up to 10 for my LSD. =)

  19. Meghan- I had some balance trouble too :)!

    And Keeley- I am impressed that you are back up to 10 for LR after recent events. You rock!

  20. Man, P90x abs is rough!! Did it once...maybe I should go dig it out again!! :) Just found your blog...look forward to following.

  21. good to know about the p90x , that's funny about the snowboarding feeling, haha.


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