Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog entry by Ryan Hall reveals a new level of maturity

Many of you know that Ryan Hall recently decided to go solo and leave his coach to venture on. I had been wondering about his decision and what may have prompted it. Then today I ran across his blog entry (here) about the decision and how it was faith based. Now I believe I understand.

In a career where it is easy to become the center of your own universe, Ryan hall has decided not to be.

He has decided to honor the Lord and let Him be his guide in all matters of life, including his work. If it's hard for the layman to let God guide his work, imagine the struggle that a naturally gifted/talented professional athlete has who spends all day working to become even faster, stronger, and better at a sport. Imagine the possibility for finding glory in your own achievements. Imagine the potential to become an idol. Imagine the struggle if you truly want to honor God.

I think Hall made a good move for himself. It may or not bring the best success as an athlete, but I believe God will honor his choice whether that's at the finish line to his next race or the finish line to life. He has my respect.


  1. thanks for sharing that! i was also curious about the "behind the scenes" story about him leaving his coach and the running team he's been involved with. it sounds like it was the right decision for him and his faith journey. i hope that he doesn't get too much negativity surrounding this decision...may God bless his commitment.

  2. I am off to check out his blog. So proud of him for making the right decision for HIS life. Excited to see where he goes from here!

  3. Hey Ms. ERG!
    I can't figure out how to contact you about meeting up for the EWEB run! Can you email me so we can connect. My email is on my blog.

  4. Wow! Great post, seriously. It is so easy to forget that making God happy is way more important than making the world happy! I look up to Ryan and hope that I show that much loyalty in my life! Hope you are having an amazing day and really thanks for this post it helps put things in perspective!

  5. It's nice that he's so open about it so that we can all learn a little something from his experience. I hope this is a good change for him.

    On my blog, you mentioned that gadget I have that shows additional posts below each post. You can find it at linkwithin.com. I had a little trouble with it, but it's working well now.

  6. I agree, I respect Ryan's decision to honor God and his faith above his talents and self...but I know it is very, very hard for many people to understand and this makes me feel sorry for him, or at least very sympathetic.

  7. I had read this earlier, too, and admire him and his decision. I suspect this is a stepping stone, though, and may not be the final answer to what he seeks.

    As for the rolling pin - yes, I just lay it on the floor and roll my nagging piriformis back and forth on it, I find it actually does a better job than the foam roller I have - just gets in there a little deeper. :)
    My favie little device, though, is "The Stick" where I can actually roll my calves and quads out without trying to bend my body in 4 places at once. Ha.


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