Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Randomness

At this very moment, my husband's friend's cat, a VERY LARGE cat is chilling downstairs. In my freezer. My apologies to big cat lovers. I am sorry for the destruction of a beautiful creature. :(  I am not sorry it won't be able to gnaw on me or pounce on my children. It clearly could have taken any of us down if it wanted to.

I ran in the dark for the first 1:15 of my run. I think dawn "officially" happened when I hit my turnaround. That's kind of cool. The long run went well. My body clock is off, though, and I hope to get it back to normal soon, so I don't wait at home so long before I can head out for my run.

No elk today. That's OK. If I saw them every Saturday it wouldn't be so special :) .

A few thoughts came to me during my cool, dry adventure. Random things:
  • We go through an average of one night-light a month.
  • What do I need to do to keep them from getting broken?
  • I can smell Arlene's Diner all the way across the river; they are making pancakes and bacon.
  • It's dang funny to give a sixteen-month old a piece of tape! Especially duct tape all rolled up inside out =D .
  • The best flashlight I have used for running is the kids Fisher-Price lantern/flashlight.
  • My current LR pace is getting close to what my marathon pace was in May.
  • My cadence is 174steps/minute, two times in a row.
  • It's funny how I want to listen to music on most of my shorter runs, but when it comes to the LR I never feel driven to turn on my ipod.
  • I have a really understanding husband.
  • I am so glad he took the baby when he woke up at 4:45 am.
  • Oops. I guess I won't go to the CC meet today!
  • I wonder if I can get a nap today.
  • I wonder if the boys are going to go ride the dune buggy this afternoon.
  • I wonder what the other bloggers are doing.
  • I wonder how much Yvonne wants for that treadmill.
  • I don't like treadmills, but it could be useful.
  • My neighbor's dog doesn't come out and chase me anymore since I stood up to it. =D
  • Two miles left, I think I'll do a few fast 200's on and off.
  • Nice.
That's peek into my brain - some of it!

 Now for the two week review part:

Feeling pretty good about how things are going lately.

Notice a few rest days, easy days? I have toyed with six days running, but really I need at least two days where I get more sleep to recover and make the most of my runs. If I am going to run six- I will have to find a way to run later in the day (i.e. treadmill, possibly). Also, it's been a lot of easy running leading up to and following the 5k. That's expected. I'm back on board for speedwork now.

I wonder how the 10/10 marathoners are recovering?
I wanted to address the questions about the Elkton sign. I am not sure what year that sign went up, but there might be a similar number living in the town of Elkton today. There are a few new homes, though, so maybe that number is up. Also, I count myself a part of Elkton, but I don't live in town; we are a few miles out. There are many who are part of the community that is Elkton. Most have the zip code 97436, but that covers many square miles!

The sign photo came off of a facebook group called Elkton, Oregon. The photographer/administrator of the group mysteriously has not identified herself/himself. I think it's someone who has worked for the school, though. Not me.
And now: A few photos from my route (my apologies- taken awhile ago)

A field near the mailbox I finish at.

The Smith's "Bike barn"
The bridge I go over- Umpqua River near "town"
Have a great weekend!!


  1. So beautiful! I wish I could go for a run with you in Elkton!

  2. Certainly random. A good kind of random. But I don't get the paragraph about the cat. Pet cat, wild cat, road kill cat? Amazing how much a supportive husband helps the running!

  3. Cougar. One inch fangs. Very sharp. 0ne inch claws. First time I have ever seen one that close. It was a legal shot; tagged. It's been removed from my freezer (before I took pics).

  4. Guess all I had to do to figure out the cat story was read the comments. Interesting blog and the other bloggers are reading blogs I guess. The bike barn is way cool!

  5. I love cats, and unless one was trying to eat one of my kids, my wife or myself, I could never bring myself to shoot one. I kinda live by the rule, if you can't eat it, don't shoot it. Starlings and nutria are the exceptions to the rule.

    Nice views, it would be hard not to wait for the sun to come up just to see all that every long run.

  6. Elkton looks beautiful!

    And now I am kind of craving pancakes and bacon. Good thing I dont have to run past that diner!

  7. Did you make it into Boston?? I know you were going to try? I heard it closed out very early. M


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