Monday, October 4, 2010

Two weeks until it all becomes REAL.

Two weeks until everything will be REAL.


Like the Velveteen Rabbit became real or Christmas Morning to a child.

In two weeks I can get up (like every red-blooded first-time Boston qualifier in America) at 4:45 PST and wait at the computer to (try and) register for the big race. It seems so strange that I might actually even go there and race- almost as strange as qualifying.

Looking back, I really had very little confidence about it. The only thing guiding me was the 10K time I started with right before training and my SmartCoach plan that got a little faster every few weeks. That, and some very encouraging words I got from a few others I had shared my secret hope with (one a runner, one not). Even on race day I had three plans: what I had trained for, what I needed to BQ and a worst case scenario.

This week I had planned to be in a taper week for Portland. It didn’t work out that way. God had other plans for me and our money. I will enjoy watching how others do in that race though, and I will get my turn soon.

So, now I wait for it all to be "real", to be really training for another marathon, to be officially registered and committed. I am not sure how it will really feel. I hope I feel less guilty about taking the money from the family budget after committing than I do now.

On a different note, I had an uneventful run today. Nice and normal. Slow and easy :) . Pretty cold, too- my first run in tights since last spring!


  1. I really hope you get in! What an opportunity for you and your family. Your kids will brag for years about how their mom ran Boston!

  2. I have faith that you will get in, and you will do exceptionally well.

    I bought a new pair of tights, and am now waiting for Fall. It was finally below 50 this morning, but alas I didn't run, as I was not feeling 100% and with half the girls fighting strep my sore throat made me think I should stay in bed for that extra hour of sleep.

  3. +1 C2Iowa. SO excited for you. =)


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