Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank God for aspirin!

It was a night of kids waking, bumping into the wall, throwing the covers off and resettling. I am pretty sure I got at least a few hours of solid rest though. When the alarm went off, I pressed snooze (like usual) and didn't smell coffee. Uh-oh. Bad sign. I poured the water in the back of the reservoir and went back to sleep while it perked away. I also had a sore throat and questioned my sanity when the alarm went off again for the third time and I finally got up. Two aspirin and a cup of coffee later and I felt like a new woman.

I was originally going to run 10 miles today, but since I got out so late, I cut it short to 7ish. No school bus today, since it's Friday...and the pace was back to my normal easy pace. When it was light enough I switched on my ipod and listened to two podcasts: Voice of the Martyrs (persecuted church news) and Nancy Leigh DeMoss (women's ministry). It's been a while since I have listened to either, and I hope to re-dedicate my running time to prayer, worship and Christian education. For too long, I have gotten away from it and found myself in a bad place with running and straying too far from the Lord. It's good to come back.

Here's a little video to celebrate the occasion: (let's see if I can figure this out!)

David Crowder* Band


  1. Very nice!!!!

    I like the look of the blog. Now for a title????

  2. I like it! But a good title is a must...


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