Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More on the Half Marathon stuff...

Just wanted to say that the training plans in my last post are on that link I attached.

I don't think of the first plan as "low mileage", but the dividing line seems to be a consistent 55 mile week (at least according to P.Pfitzinger). Not all half marathoners run 40 miles a week, but from my experience (very limited...not a coach...only been running hard for 2 years), I have to say that going over the race distance in training improves performance in the half- even if you don't get in the 40/week.  Any week should have a reasonable balance between midweek miles and long run distances.

I tend to do more midweek mileage and can pull it off. I have had my share of issues when making increases, though (calf strain, achilles tendonitis) and had to reduce for a while and then hold steady before the next jump up. Currently, NO ISSUES. Praise God!

Always be careful when increasing weekly mileage or speedwork :) (Duh! Like you haven't heard that one before!!!)


  1. Good points. I figure that my training plan for the half will have runs over that distance. In addition, I hope to be turning 40+ miles a week.

    I cannot wait to hit the road again!

    btw - I AM old and grey -- no disrespect to anyone but me.

  2. LOL whatever, C2. I wish I could show you all the stuff I have read about people who start running later in life.
    With your recent peak weeks, I am sure Jill's going to be working you pretty hard toward that 1:30 goal. I'll be interested to see what you are doing mileage wise. You should have some sort of side bar that shows us all your workouts ;)

  3. I would have liked to have gotten more long runs in before last Sunday, but I got what I was dealt and I managed to run the whole thing.

  4. Yes! And I can't wait to read the rest of it, NB!!

  5. Just found your page from your message to me from the loop! Somehow all this time I had an unread message .. weird! Anyway, I look forward to following! :)

  6. Hi Jaime! So glad you are reading! :))


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