Friday, October 22, 2010

Magnificent Moonlight

The only way I can describe this morning's run is breathlessly beautiful.

It was a full moon morning with golden dots of clouds that cleared as the moon went down to reveal a silvery blanket of fog.

The fog settled into the deep places, leaving the hills and mountains to look like islands in a magical lake. As I neared my turnaround spot, the road seemed to drop off into a sea, with tall trees ahead .

It was a perfect ending to a pretty-darned-good running week. I scheduled my long run in early so I can have Saturday to play. :)

Tonight I get to go to a women's retreat at Loon Lake, spend the night at the lodge, and come home late Saturday. My only plans are to have some sweet fellowship while I drink my coffee, reclining on a comfy sofa  before it gets cold or spilled on me. The other plan is to sleep in. No alarm clock and I will request to sleep past breakfast (if my body will agree).

This week's activities included a recent trail hike, just the boys and I. The trail is actually on private property that my husband does some tractor mowing on. The owners have graciously allowed us to come hike whenever we like. They live out of state, so that leaves a lot of opportunities to go and explore in the woods.
My two oldest, on top of a tree section that has been there for a long time.

The baby navigates the trail pretty well!
Big smiles, up high

Just a pretty spot - a clearing in the forest

Elk tracks

Little guy loves the dirt. He had it in his hair and all over by the time he got off the log :)

I'd love to make a little trail run there, but my cautious side won't let me. (Too afraid of twisting my ankle in a hole or on a stick.) But it's beautiful to just go and walk- and a real blessing to have nearby.
Also, wanted to give a shout out to Meghan, a fellow blogger and running friend, who had the guts to try my bread recipe and review it. Thanks Meghan! Glad it was edible. Much love to you :)

Have a great weekend- hope it's renewing and full of blessings!


  1. Your wee-ones are absolutely precious!

    Enjoy sleeping in, may your body be in conjuction with you on that one (never works for me, but I always wish) and may not a drop of coffee be on your lap! Enjoy the weekend, sounds very fun!

  2. Have a nice trip. I will regale you when you are back with tales of Running Like Hell. Well, at least once I am sober enough after our party to type again.

  3. Mutual admiration - yay!! Thanks!

  4. One word.....ADORABLE!

  5. What a beautiful run! I love your babies. I have to meet them one day. Maybe a race together!

  6. Adorable pics! I love the first one! Sounds like a beautiful run...too bad they cant all be like that :)

  7. The boy's cowboy hats are cute.



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