Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've fallen off the wagon. Bad Girl!

If you are tapering, DON'T READ THIS!

Man have I ever fallen off the wagon.

I used to be so careful about what I eat. Lately I have been eating total JUNK.

Getting calories isn't really the issue here. Weight is stable and pretty good for racing. But the problem is what I'm eating.

Can a girl have too many chocolate chips?

I don't bake. I just buy chocolate chips  and nuts and trick myself into thinking I will bake. Then I eat the chocolate chips. Then I eat the nuts. Then I look for the marshmallows, and the graham crackers, and the ice cream....

Forget the freezer. It doesn't work. I still know they are there, frozen and yummy and waiting for a chance to melt in my mouth.

Today I was in town. I went through the coffee drive through. Twice.

I saw the gal making my mocha use a pink and white carton. Hmm.. Second time through I asked what she was using to make it.

   "Whole milk and a splash of half and half," she said with a smile.

"Could you hold the half and half- and the whipped cream?" I asked.

   "Oh. That doesn't work for you?" she smiled again, eyebrows raised.

"No. Not today." I smiled back.  But, I wanted to say, "No.  I am NOT a PIG!" But I didn't because I don't lie. Well, I try not to.

I had to leave room for dinner (bratwurst).  :) Ha.

*** Post blog edit:***

We actually had chicken soup.

Ironically, The one thing I left in town was coffee. We are out.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting.


  1. Too late. I read it and I am on a taper. :(

  2. Gah! Those cravings can drive you bonkers. Juanita posted about eating a voodoo doll doughnut for her birthday - so of course I had to go check it out - and now I'm craving the bacon and maple one. Ohhhh my gosh.

    I believe calories are afraid of heights, so if you store your chocolate chips in a high place - like somewhere the rest of the family can't see it, that high - then the calories get scared and jump off so when you nibble a few chips they're practically calorie free. I heard this somewhere on the internet. Can't remember where...

    In other news, how awesome you're homeschooling. =) Do you have a specific curriculum you're following or are you just having fun being with your 5yo?

  3. I am rebellious. Being told not to read something mean I will read it. When there are sweets in the house, I have Jeff hide them. It is the only way I can keep my hands off them. I love sweets far too much!

  4. Mmmmm, Halloween Oreos....Really all they are is Double Stuffs with orange colored lard, but they are the only time I will eat Oreos. Is that so wrong? Besides, in three days you will get a chance to burn a bunch of those calories running that 5K in Salem.

  5. C2..you weren't supposed to read this!

    Keely, I will put all the calories up high :)
    Homeschool is focusing on reading/spelling & math. All the rest is covered with library books :). I kept my goals attainable with 2 others younger to care for.

    JGF- I would be bugging hubby for them if I did that. LOL. :)

    NB- Getting excited for the 5K. I can't eat orange and black OSU BEAVER COLORED oreos. I am UO alumni. ;)

  6. Hey ... found you here ... keep in touch. I plan on starting a blog here as well, www.pointrunner.blogspot.com. First one will be up when I have a minute to write. I'm getting tired of The Loop.

    Oh yeah and I've fallen onto the junk food bandwagon recently and I don't like it.

  7. Sounds like the perfect homeschool. Love those library books and the fun-and-free-but-won't-clutter-up-your-home-for-eternity thing. =) My hat's off to you for hsing with two younger ones in the house.


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