Friday, October 29, 2010

HOT DIGGITY!!! I've got me some options now!

Thanks to my neighbor, who decided that she needed more room in her carport for firewood, I am the proud new owner of a used treadmill!


I have no idea what year it is, but judging by the fancy controls, I am guessing 1990 1980 something ?
Never mind the year. It WORKS! The best part is that hubby has been working at moving stuff in the garage and there was a place to set it up :) .

The view isn't five star, but I can get that anytime I want outside, right? So, I pointed it at a nice wall of plywood and took him for a spin!

There he is!
(Pay no attention to the other motorized jobbies, only one of them is mine and it has a blade). :P
Sha-ZAM! Look at those knobs.
State of the art!
And all it cost me was the fuel for pick-up and delivery. Woohoo! Thanks Yvonne!!!

View of plywood and useful objects, not-so-neatly stored.

The view improves upon a high-quality electronic installation...Can't hear anything, but I might be able to scoot them close enough together to read the closed captions on my BBC movies.

It also folds up to keep the gnomes out of trouble. =D
So, it's been 15 years since I have used a treadmill with any regularity. I figured it might take some time to get re-acquainted. So far I have only taken it on two runs, but here is my short list of observations thus far:
  • less time to warm up
  • no gravel
  • shorter distance from home if I need to be closer
  • operational toilets always available (upstairs)
  • nifty movie access
  • no fear of log/gravel trucks
  • cupholder
  • no cougars or bears following me
  • flat, flat, flat & less impact
  • "performance" setting makes me feel like super-runner!
  • 2-a-days now more accessible
  • dullsville
  • no cool breeze
  • speed work is interesting...takes some advanced skills to do fartlek or repeats without falling on face
  • can't just pull over anywhere to go behind a bush
The advantages are pretty sweet. I am stoked and might just have to figure out how to clean and maintain it so it will be running when my kids are my age :) Yee-Haw!

Happy Running!!!


  1. Hey!! I just came across your blog! I love it!! I am jealous that you have your very own treadmill....who cares if its old! It works and thats all that matters. ENJOY!!! I seriously love all the pro's.....we think a lot alike!

  2. Yay! Welcome HRG! I can't wait to read your high speed blog too :)

  3. ERG, Wonderful gift from a loving person. I feel that you are safer in the garage. Breeze? try a fan... would be a necessity in the summer.
    Maybe you could get J or F to figure a way to have it turn a generator so it would power your movie machine.

  4. Yay! That's terrific. But I would have thought having bears and cougars chasing you would fall into the plus category. What better incentive to keep up the pace, no?

  5. OK, digging the new layout, but if you have Analytics installed you will need to re-do the set-up. If you haven't, you might want to, as it is kinda cool to see where people are coming from.

    Now, I loathe treadmills personally. But, then I have a whole bank of them that live just a half mile away at the Y. My brother, who has had one forever, says they at least get the heart-rate up. I may end up using one if the weather gets too bad in the next few months.

  6. sweet deal!! congrats. I wish that i could find a deal like that.

  7. Thanks- it is a SWEET deal, C2!

    NB- how do you do analytics and why would it interfere??

  8. Great new layout and pics! Love the treadmill! Man what I would give for one! Your little guy is getting so big! Blessings!

  9. Mel- Thanks :)

    Nathan took the photo of me today at the Elkton Grade School "land lab" trail. [He's getting good at running pics and might be available to shoot races soon {for a small fee} ;) ]

    I wish you had a TM! I thought you were getting one instead of a stroller? Time to look on craigslist. Maybe someone is dumping one for Christmas in your area!?

    ilikemargarine- Bears and cougars are a training advantage ONLY until they catch you. I'll still get plenty of cougar bait opportunities =D

    Sluggo- I am the only one allowed to touch the TM. =D

  10. Hey-thanks for the comment! Just catching up on your past posts here! Congrats on the treadmill and BOSTON! Woohoo! I have to live vicariously through all Boston runners this year!! Great Blog!

  11. Wowsers are you looking fabulous in your new photo header there!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your treadmill. The free ones are the best. =)

    Another pro: When the dh is out of town or unavailable you can go on a run and watch the kidlets at the same time.

    Do you really get cougars and bears following you? Scary! And trucks are the WORST. One nearly blew me off the road yesterday. =( Scared me to death.

    Yeah, the lack of cool breeze really isn't fun. However maybe you can put a fan on top of the freezer and have it blow on you? =) And yeah, it is appallingly dull. But oh so convenient.

  12. Hum....lost my comment somehow...

    Great deal on the treadmill!! I love mine and have learned to do some great multitasking - even learned how to read a book :). Have a blast on it (took me a long time to become friends with that thing though).

  13. P.S. I love your header!!! You are so right about the altitude training!! Thanks for helping me look at the bright side! How is the treadmill??

  14. Love the new layout!

    What an awesome gift! I could get over my dislike for treadmills if I got a free one!:)

  15. I'd like to get one too! Except I think I need one with a super incline setting. And I think you could use a bigger entertainment system hanging on that wall!


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