Thursday, October 7, 2010

Have I introduced you to my running shoe fairy?

I am blessed! I have a friend, a super-duper friend.

She's more than a friend. She's my shoe fairy!

Maureen and I met several years ago when I was living in Portland, OR, attending grad school. I needed a job, she needed a job.

We worked together selling stuff. Leather stuff. It was a fun job in a mall, and a nice night/weekend thing I could do when I wasn't busy going to school or student teaching. Anyhow, that was another lifetime ago now...a distant memory.

Mo and I had lost touch after my wedding (I am sure it's my fault). But we found each other again a couple of years ago. I was happy to hear she had married also and was working for adidas.
Maureen and her hubby - She is just GORGEOUS!
ADIDAS, You say? !?! That was a good job for her, I surmised. :D And she wasn't just behind the counter, she was doing high tech stuff in the fabric lab. Cool.

Maureen has been generous enough to supply her employee discount to me for all my adidas purchases, (which have mostly been shoes so far). If it weren't for her, I don't know if I am resourceful enough to find shoes that well made and at that price.

Just Tuesday I got a pair of new adidas supernova sequence 3's in the mail from her. I send the cash, she picks up the shoes for me, wraps and mails them. I rarely have to wait more than a week if they are in stock in the store. Quite bluntly, SHE IS THE BEST!

My newest shoes :)

Of course, Maureen is more than a shoe fairy; she's a great friend- a good listener- and fun to be around. I love her! So, even if she leaves her job for greater things, I will forgive her =D. But for now, I'm going to burn through as many shoes as I can!!!

(If you read this post, Mo, THANK YOU!!!!!     I DO love you- not just for the shoes! :) )


  1. She only send you shoes so you don't hang her out to dry again, like in the last photo.

  2. Friends ... especially good friends are so awesome!!


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