Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eureka! (I found it.)

A stretch from the course for 1600M repeats:
Something has been missing for a while. I thought maybe the department of transportation had taken it out.

All is good in the world now! :)

Turn around in downtown Elkton, OR.

Love Arlene's first thing in the morning...before I have had breakfast yet.
All the hunters and truck drivers eating breakfasts of bacon and pancakes.
The return trip. Past the same spot in photo #1. Going up the hill and back home.
Another set of intervals done!


  1. Nice pics!! Not much space in the last pic.....

  2. That town looks awesome!! I'd love to run there!! The scenery is nice! :-]

  3. The missing Mile marker!!! Yea!! I never did answer your question about engineering tape. It is called a lot of different things, but it is that colored tape that they mark off job sites with. See, I remember the original post about the mile marker. If I didn't live 3 hours away, that looks like a lovely place for a morning run.

  4. Very ice! I prefer doing intervals on the road versus the track. Love the photos!

  5. Meghan....If you read this, I need a bread report!

  6. sweet , sweet mile repeats. What fun


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