Sunday, September 5, 2010

I ran with my running skirt on backwards today.

I didn't notice it until I had been home for a while and got ready to shower.

Didn't even notice when I made that quick stop at mile 4. How did I manage to run 8 miles with my skirt on backwards? Thank goodness it wasn't a 20 miler.

All I can say was that it wasn't on purpose. And, in my defense, I do get dressed in the dark!

The only difference between forward and backwards is the white piping (trim) and the little ipod pocket I never use...

I am pretty sure nobody noticed except me. Most of the 10 trucks that passed me were much more concerned about getting to the boat ramp or to the right hunting spot for elk (bow) season.

It does remind me of the time I wore shoes from 2 different pairs for seven miles, though. Am I the only one who's ever done this?


  1. There is always a defense!!

  2. I wore two different colors of the same shoes to work once. That was a very fun day! Thankfully your backward shorts didn't make you look like an elk :).


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