Monday, September 6, 2010

I am a Legend Now (Ha!)

Small towns are good for two things: gossip and 8-man football.
I live in a small town. So small that the high school has about 100 students.

I am the town's representative marathoner, and most well-known/visible "Jogger". There have been a few before me, both in their 50's (or 60's) and not running anymore.  One even ran a 2:40ish marathon in his time!

There are some kids out there running these days. I hope I have inspired them to! Their school bus has passed me many times over the last few years. Looks like there is going to be a new XC team this year, too!
Over the weekend there was a gathering for a bass fishing tournament, and I had a chance to talk with some community members. One of them asked me, "How far do you run?".

I always try to answer this truthfully, but I hate the question! How do you answer that?

After I told him my answer (short run/LR & frequency), he said that someone had told him I run 20 miles every morning and evening! HA!! I am now a town legend. I'll never be a local (since I wasn't born here), but I am a legend now. Sa-weet!!!.
Maybe someday I'll run 200 MPW, but not anytime soon.

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