Friday, September 17, 2010

I am a CC Rabbit & My Achilles Nemesis

This has been a weird week. I have been doing my thing, keeping my little mileage-base focus going, and enjoying the steadiness of not training for anything specifically (though I really could start any time for that November half!)
After the CC meet on Saturday , I was invited to come work out with the team and provide a little coaching assistance. First, I knew that meant I could be adding some mileage, but wasn't sure how much. Second, it sounded like FUN! And it would give me a chance to see just what the head coach is doing with the new team.
So, without much arm twisting, I met up at the high school to do what I thought would be hill repeats. However, upon arriving, the head coach asked if I thought they might be better off doing a distance workout. Knowing that my achilles were slightly flared, and that these kids had just raced the day before (and would again on the weekend), I said, "YES".
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Part of the  CC practice route
The 7 of us (5 kids- they gained a runner over the weekend) headed to a good, quiet dead-end road, for what we both thought was a 5 miler. She had the team run about 20 second, then stretch (I pretended to), and told us all that she was turning the team over to me for the run.

My coaching advice went something like this:
"You might want to get a digital watch for races and practice so you can compare your progress. "
"We are going to do a distance run today. The point of this run is not to race, it is to run at a pace where you can comfortably talk, and hopefully run the whole thing without walking. I don't care if anyone passes me. The important thing is to run at a pace that is comfortable."
"Let's go!"
These kids have been racing 5K and practicing up to that distance, so I wasn't sure how any of them would do at 5 miles (turned out to be 4.27) . Happily they all finished, even the new runner!

Unfortunately, I saw the girls walking at one point and one boy who is running in basketball high-tops also had to walk (due to shin splints). He caught up and passed everyone though! (well, almost everyone). Head coach drove in her van passing everyone several times like a mother hen. I found out later that she gave her son and the new runner a lift up a 50 yard hill. ugh!

I think I will run with the team when I can, but I am going to limit my coaching to when she asks for my help. Maybe you can tell it's tempting for me to coach more, but I really can't do it with three little kids. :/

It was a fun day, though!!!
So now I am looking at tomorrow: Saturday is my LR day. I normally have about 39 miles by Friday and put in about 15 on Saturday. But, with my extra run this week (and I ran today as well, which is usually a RD), I have 49.

My achilles were a little sore the past few days. I can't tell if it's just because of the few more miles this week (usually a one time spike doesn't cause problems for me), or because I got new shoes. I am leaning towards blaming my new shoes :( . My old ones are much lower in the heel (all the rubber is worn down), so I have been rotating them with the new.
 blog post photo
(9/15 was a double- the CC practice day)

My master plan is to ice and see how it feels tomorrow (it's been really mild, not effecting my pace). If it feels good, I do 10-15; if they are flaring, I'll do fewer and jump in the 65F pool when I get back. :)

Happy Running!!

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