Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scandia Run 10K RR

Race day started at 5 AM, as I chugged a cup of coffee in the dark living room and jumped in for a quick wake-up shower. Showering before running is only a new race day ritual for me, but it seems to work well! As I headed out the door, I kissed my hubby goodbye and thanked him for watching the boys so I could have the day to play. (He's a keeper!!!) Soon I was in my non-runner-musician friend's driveway to pick her up for what would be a girl's trip and an exciting day.
We traded half a banana for half an English muffin and I listened to her talk about all the reasons I will never want to see the movie "Avatar," (this really was some much needed, good girlfriend talking time ) on the hour and 15 minute drive North.  Junction City, OR, hosts one of (if not) the fastest certified 10K courses in the state- the Scandia Run.
We arrived an HOUR before the race started, which is the earliest I have ever made it to a race- any race!!! I found shady parking, picked up my packet and even had time to warm up!
I have never had time to warm up before, so this was one of my race goals for this distance- to get in a couple of miles pre-race. I am so glad I did too. I have been getting an on and off sidestitch lately and was able to get it and have it go away before the race started. Also, I had a stiff ankle and it loosened up nicely. By the time they called us to the 8 am start, it was feeling very hot, so I drank about 4 oz of post photoStarting line
This was an odd race for me, as it was the only race I have ever done without a watch. My watch battery died almost 2 weeks ago and I hadn't been to town to replace it yet. (That's another blog). I decided to just go by feel and listen for the times which were called out at each mile marker. I also found a guy looking to run about a 43:30 and hoped I could keep up.
When the gun went off, I kept to the left and followed the course which left town and ambled through some residential farmland (freshly mowed mint crops). I was surprised when I got to the first mile and the time was 6:57...a little fast. It was hot and I was trying a new approach to racing since June's HM- starting faster. But this was too fast for a hot day. By the third mile (end of the loop) I was slowing and passed the marker around 21:25ish.
Getting near the 4th mile, I could see the male and female leaders pass me on the left side of the road in the out/back portion. At the 5th mile I was handed some water by a volunteer, and I didn't stop to drink it. I drank it, but choked and it took awhile to regain my breathing pattern. Between miles 4 and 5 I think I got passed 2, (maybe three) times, but by the time I saw the last turn, no one else was passing me.-
As I got closer to the finish line and clock, I could see that I was well past 43 minutes, but still under 44. I did my best to sprint and thought I crossed the line at 43:57. Later, official time said 44:00, which was good for a 3rd place for my age group. I was hoping for a better time, but given the heat and a 3 minute PR, I'll take it!
At the end of the chute, DariMart (the race sponsors), had a table with choices of water, OJ or chocolate milk. (YUM!) I had a water and then a chocolate milk. Sadly, I watched another racer gal vomit at the finish line. I think she may have had too much to drink. ?? Anyway, she was not feeling too well in the heat :( .
A few minutes later, I was amused to see my dad and mom and friend watching the start line intently looking for me. :) They had wandered off during the race and didn't quite make it back in time to see me finish. We regrouped and had fun for an hour or so, wandering around the festival, eating tasty treats, and taking post photo

Me, Ma and Pa by the finish line.

blog post photo 
If you wanted to pay $5 your kids could climb this rock wall that someone brought to the festival..?.

blog post photo
Or have your picture taken, wearing traditional garb, for FREE!
blog post photo
Strangely, I look too good as a troll. My head may be a bit small though!
blog post photo
And the handmade leather Viking hat called for quick pig-tails.
As much as I wanted to, I couldn't eat anything yet while I was still at the festival, and hunger didn't hit until I was in the car on the way through Eugene. I almost stopped at Costco for a hotdog, but remembering the parking issues there, I instead chose to drive through Taco Bell for an inexpensive post-race meal.
Oh the JOY when I saw a new item on the menu- the Cantina Tacos. I had my choice of shredded chicken, pork (carnitas) or beef. I got 2 carnitas for $2.79 and they were gone before you could say "tasty"!! They could use a little lettuce and cilantro, but I liked the steamed tortillas. They did leave me with a more-ish feeling, though. Good enough for a get-home snack for ERG; the lime slices were a nice touch too.
The final stop I made was for a watch at Walmart. $9.50 and it is water resistant and has a lap timer and a light! I wonder if I can get 2 years out of this one too?! :))
Cut the fluff and get the skinny
  • There were 453  racers in the 10K.
  • I finished in 44:00 , #3 out of 28 in 35-39 AG
  • Top female finisher won in 38:52, age 41
  • Top male finisher won in 32:47, age 19.
  • Course record is 29:59, 2004