Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running Calculators = Fun Math ?

When it comes to running, I find myself crunching numbers for almost everything. Call it an obsession.

I want to know in advance how well I can expect to race, and under specific conditions.

I want to know how exactly to train for them.

I want a carrot in front of me and the means to get it.

This is where running calculators have wormed their way into my heart.

The best part of a running calculator is that you can put in a recent (or totally made up) race time for yourself, and it "MAGICALLY" spews out an estimate for another distance and the appropriate training paces.

Want to hit that BQ time? Type in your finish time to the calculator and it tells you exactly what pace to race at, train at, and what you would have to run an equivalent 5K or 10K at. Really, what more could you want in a gizmo?

These are my favorites: McMillan running calculator and
They are pretty close to accurate for me. But, like all things running related, calculations are based on a moving target, and therefore, subject to change.

Try them out and tell me what you think.
And let me know if there are any other good ones out there. I always like a new toy .

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