Friday, July 9, 2010

My Mile on the Track

Well, I (un)officially sucked on the track at University of Oregon last night.

It was kind of last minute that I decided to go ahead and try out the mile at one of the all-comer's meets. I was going to do the 5K too, but after the pain of the mile effort in the heat, I bagged it.

They run the mile there as something not-very-competitive, with everyone (men and women age 13 and over) running in one heat. I had been hoping to finish in about 5:50, but ended up at 6:09.

At least I have a few good excuses. I have never raced anything on a track before- in fact this track is an hour from my home (there is no track in the town I live in now; the closest is 20 miles away and cinder).

Also, a fat cluster of slower runners was in front of me at the start on the inside of the track, and I was clueless about the idea of lining up in front of them (I always assume I am going to startslower and get trampled).

I did my best to hold on for all 4 laps, but I was dragging for lap 3. There's no lap timer on my watch, so I just listened to the splits as I passed the timers. Disappointed after crossing the finish line, I flopped on the grass like a fish out of water, gasping for breath.

When I left Hayward field at 6:45 PM the car thermometer was reading 99F. Maybe I'll try to hit another one on a better day. Later, I looked up the heat predictors for the effort on the calculator, and felt a little better about the time. It said it was worth a 5:45 in 60F (not sure I buy that though, seems like a stretch.)

Here's a video put on the OTC website. I am the tall woman in the orange singlet. 
Next time, sub 6 for sure! Well, maybe. :)

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