Friday, July 30, 2010

Locked Out

I guess I saw it coming. I was training for the Portland Marathon, running my second 60 mile week in this cycle, and waiting for a little extra money to just magically appear in the checking account, when it happened.

JuanitaGF facebooked me a little message. She mentioned something about the race being close to capacity. I got it, but might not have believed it anyway, since I tend to think these announcements are all intended to hype up the race to make more people register. But she was right. I was too late.

There it was:
Public Registration Closed

Thanks to all of you who have registered. We are pleased to have met our limit for our public registration.
So... What to do now? I guess I will resume a maintenance running schedule of about 50 MPW +/- until that money makes its way into my account and I figure out a "plan B".

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