Monday, July 5, 2010

Double Take- My first training double

For the first time yesterday, I decided to try doing a "daily double" with running. It wasn't really planned, but a few circumstances caused me to think it might be a good day to give this training move a try.
  1. I am currently "locked in" to a training plan and hate to abandon (cut short) my set mileage for any reason.
  2. The new plan has 2X the speedwork days than my last training cycle (and an extra day a week). It's taking some getting used to...
  3. I have planned to race a short race Thursday and have an 18 mile LR Saturday. So, I can't afford to push my miles to later in the week.
  4. Running 2Xday, with 4 hours minimum recovery time, is supposed to be a good way to get the miles in with less risk of injury.
   When I went for my planned 10 mile AM run (I like these. It's usually about 50F at 6 am here), I wasn't feeling tops. In fact, I was pretty S L O W, sleepy  and my leg was indicating possible tendonitis onset.
   So, for maybe the first time in a year, I bagged the run half-way into it. The first 5 miles of my day was completed in a sluggish 48:59 (ugh).
  Five hours later....After church, snacks and a little sit down time, I thought I'd give it another shot. Most days of the week I don't have the opportunity to run twice (due to child care), But I had my chance and took it!
   At 2 PM it was at least 20 degrees warmer and felt like it! But I felt pretty good and finished the same circuit in a much better "easy" pace, in 44:49.
   So, now I am thinking, maybe I can get used to this!

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