Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taking a leap

I bit the bullet. 
I might regret it later, but...

On April 1st I entered the lottery for the McKenzie River Trail Run - #MRTR 50K. It is not a large race, but it's popular for the area, so race organizers have capped it in order for the atmosphere remain outstanding. If you have already finished it 5 times, you are given an automatic entry. For new readers here- I have yet to run past 26.2 miles/42k. 

Of course I hope to get in, but I am also a bit nervous about it. 

The race is in September. My mileage has been pretty low (I haven't had a week over 50 miles yet) since the PF "Comeback". This is partly due to some issues I have had in the right hip, which I am working on with stretching, prehab, and weight training.

If I get in, I will enlist some sort of training plan or coach.  If not, I might stick with racing shorter distances for a bit while I continue to build my weekly volume.

On another note, I have been blessed with some OUTSTANDING trail running recently. It makes a huge difference to have a buddy to run the trails with. I am so grateful to have friends willing to drive a couple of hours to run the North Umpqua with the pouring rain.

I've been trying to convince Emily to get down this way to run for what seems like decades. This day will be treasured for a long time! 

We traveled the Marsters and Calf segments, going down river- about 7.4 miles.

Scene from the Apple Creek fire location, regrowing naturally.

Little waterfall - just a bit bigger than your shower.

I don't want to bomb you with too much photo overload, but it's hard not to when you have places like this to run and only blog once a week!

If this isn't enough pics, you can also flip through my album on G+ from the weekend before (with other friends), below...

Relay coming!!
Training is going well, now and I am looking forward to a relay race next weekend. Our team of 5 men and women will traverse the Oregon coast range, running 3-5 mile segments from Roseburg to Coos Bay.

The goal is to maximize every second of friendship on the 67 Mile Run. No trophies necessary. Lots of food at the end :)

Since this is my first relay, I could use some tips!

  • This is not an over-nighter 
  • 3 x 3-5 miles: 1 uphill, 1 downhill, 1 relatively flat 
  • Some paved, some gravel 

Pacing strategies? Shoot them at me! So far none of mine involve going all-out for each leg! ha! (It's been advised not to). But I also don't want to let a van full of people down...

Do you have any tips for someone running her first relay event?     Please share!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I won some Skittles, and have been a bad, BAD blogger.

I should have posted this a while ago, but I have been a bad, BAD blogger.
My apologies to anyone who might have been itching for their latest edition of my little updates here. Heh.

Aside from the normal level of craziness, the weather has been good and the kids are now on spring break, so we have been doing lots and lots of outdoor activities. I am fresh out of good excuses, so here's my attempt at cramming a few weeks into one sensible (short) read.

1) I won a race.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Re-Thinking Running, Gratitude and 2 Winners :)

It's such a blessing to be running right now!

In March of last year, I was thumping  myself on the head and wondering when I might be able to run again. I had signed up for a relay (I am signed up for the same one this year!), but was unable to run due to domino injuries in my left leg.  Little did I know it would be months before I would be running "right".

This spring, it feels like I have peeled a layer off. Another version of my running journey revealed.

The biggest joys are little things....

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 THINGS that put more #SPRING in running! [And a GIVEAWAY]

Animal print compression!
I must confess to a little obsession with animal print. What better to bring out the animal racing instinct than a pair of leopard print compression socks?

(Sorry I did not detail my shoes for the picture. Yes, that is real dirt. )

These socks won't be ignored.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Too Many Trails + an Experiment with the Galloway Method

It's been a crazy week-and-a half...

Four trails in 8 days, to start.

There were 2 hilly 12 milers- one at Forest Park, and another midweek 12 miler at Ridgeline. These runs were, each in their own way, special and rewarding- a run with a friend, (a treat to be able to visit with someone else on a run) and a solo challenge (taking a new {to me} trail spoke).

Lots of hills.

It caught up with me a little. I thought my legs would feel fresh on Sunday for a nice, long run on a warm, sunny day... but three miles into it I turned for home.